bikerumor pic of the day Riding up the Saar River towards Trier Germany.  Who says road bikes can't ride on gravel roads?

Photo submitted by Jeff Oman, “Riding up the Saar River towards Trier Germany.  Who says road bikes can’t ride on gravel roads?”

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  1. From that perspective, the bike looks a lot like my Rose 2012 X-Lite Cross Carbon 3000, which is, as the name implies, a cyclocross (and at least mine has already ridden _many_ kms on gravel, dirt, and other roads, also courtesy to google maps not being able to differentiate between different types of bikes, although some of the “roads” Maps figured were oK for bikes wouldn’t have been oK even for Fattys). But on second look, it probably isn’t. However, the setting looks just like my kind of thing, I have been cycling along the Trave, Wakenity, Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal and Danube more recently, currently along the Main and Rhine, and the Saar is just right in the vicinity.

  2. Its a cervélo, S2 or S3 I think. But yes, you can ride on (moderate) gravel roads with your road bike. As every pro who rides the strade biance will tell. 🙂

  3. Nice photo but that is not a great way to lean your bike. Would of rather seen it placed on the ground with the DRIVE SIDE UP.

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