For those unfamiliar with the story, last weekend at Leogang, Aaron Gwin did not podium. The competition was stiff, and Ratboy sent a blistering pace, but in the end it was a flat tire that robbed him of number one plate.

Despite the disappointing mechanical, Aaron continued to race down the entire track, hoping to at least earn a few points towards the overall title. We’ve already featured the race run here, but hit play to hear the story from Specialized Team Manager Eric Carter and Aaron himself.


  1. Those rims DT Swiss EX471 are not listed in the webpage as DH rim, just for Enduro AM/Trail… And not breaking even a spoke say a lot of them. That has been the best promotion for a rim in years without a plan for it.

  2. He should get some kind of Spirit/People’s Choice Award for completing that run and acting like a pro at the bottom. Props to the mechanic and wheel builder too; spokes and build quality helped out.

  3. Does DT Swiss win for having the strongest rim fathomable, or lose because the bead seat wasn’t holding the tire tight enough?

  4. aluminum is not dead!

    (referring to rim. need to say, or commenters will let me know about ALL the other parts on the bike that are carbon and why carbon is better, blah, blah, blah)

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