Manon Versus Rachel

Manon Versus RachelIn the seasonal long battle between the top two women in the world cup downhill series this year, the race at Leogang was a hotly contested battlefield.

Rachel absolutely destroyed the top of the course and put up a gap at the first split, but Manon was able to slowly reel the UK rider in on the physically demanding pedaling and technical sections towards the bottom of the course. 

Drop past the break to watch the remarkable side by side POV footage of their race runs.

Hopefully we’ll see more of these compilations in the future, or at least the GoPro footage of Aaron Gwin’s breathtaking ride on a flat tire.


  1. rachel’s fitness has been a little off but manon is definitely pinned. would be great to see Hill’s lines!

  2. This should be the only way we get to watch these competitions. The standard cutting from camera to camera just doesn’t rate anymore. We never get to watch them live anyway, so why not present the entire event in this fashion?

  3. You can watch live on RedBull TV. I still like watching that or the replay without knowing the results. I captures the tension and drama with a rider in the hot seat and others coming down the hill trying to beat them. Plus Rob Warner’s commentary is awesome.

  4. Really fascinating. Rachel had her pinned, but she lost her entire advantage over the jumps at about the 2 minute mark. Too much air time, vs her competitor’s fast, low, keep the wheels on the ground approach lost her virtually the entire advantage.

    I agree, this is a great different perspective that should be shown more often.

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