While gravel, enduro, disc brakes and the like take the spotlight these days, road bikes are still moving to the aerodynamic side of things to make gains. After all, you can only shed so many grams and make something so stiff. Fuji already has gravel and disc brake road bikes, and they’ve got lightweight bikes. Now it’s time for aero.

Or, technically, on July 4th it’ll be time for aero with the launch of their new Transonic aero road bike. Video teaser above, screen grabs after the break…

2015 Fuji Transonic aero road bike teaser

2015 Fuji Transonic aero road bike teaser


Roughened surfaces on leading edges could be used to trip up the air and keep it flowing tightly around the tube rather than spiraling off into turbulent, drag inducing swirls.

2015 Fuji Transonic aero road bike teaser

The fork legs look pretty minimal. Word is the bike is the “culmination of years of aero engineering and a no-compromise pursuit of speed with control.”

We’re guessing there may be some fit oriented news to the story, too, since it was a big part of their other aero road bike launch, the Norcom Straight TT/Triathlon bike.


  1. Old news. Soon enough we’ll be racing gravel grinders (and everything else) on low-trail 650B aero fatbikes. All the fads were right!

  2. roughened surface is to prevent post slippage. to help keep the boundary layer attached, the roughened surface would be about 2/3 of the way back.

  3. The trans sonic zone is known for causing instability and heavy buffeting…

    I wonder how this thing handles with a name like that

  4. Buyer beware!! I got an SST 1.0 and the ISM cracked after 6 months of road riding. Fuji’s response; “Hmm…yeah…sorry.” No warranty, no kiss my a**, just $500 out of pocket to have the ISM rebuilt by a carbon repair shop (Carbon Repair in San Marcos) http://www.carbonframerepair.com/

    Last Fuji I’ll ever purchase in my life after that crap. Any other company would stand by their product. Fuji? Eh…not so much.

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