The Visiobike is a new crowd funding option that brings together top shelf components on a carbon fiber frame and perhaps the best cycling app we’ve seen.

Aesthetically speaking, we prefer a slightly more traditional looking frame like the Specialized Turbo, but beyond that, the Visiobike brings everything together in one of the best packages around. It starts with a custom, EU-made carbon fiber frame fitted around a MPF motor and massive Panasonic batteries. Power assists your pedaling efforts and is driven to a NuVinci infinitely variable transmission hub, which you can slow with the Magura hydraulic disc brakes. All well and good, but it’s the electronics that put it over the top…


The bike has a built in computer controller that’s multi-version Bluetooth compatible to work with older and newer smart phones. It turns your phone into the dashboard, letting you unlock the bike’s drivetrain and view your speed, adjust the amount of motor assistance and view ride stats. The dedicated app even builds in Google Maps for navigation and real time tracking. The icing on the cake? An integrated rear view camera sends video to your phone and loops three minutes of recording in case of an accident. It’ll then save the footage and alert emergency services and a friend, providing an alert with GPS location.

It also uses your phone’s ambient light sensor to automatically turn on the bicycle’s integrated lights. The bike itself also has a GPS/GSM chip onboard that lets you know where your bike is. That’s great if you forgot where you parked or if it gets stolen.

Other theft proof measures include an automatic mechanical lock on the rear wheel, a built in motion sensor with alarm and blinking lights, a SMS text notification of movement and disabling of the electronic features without the smartphone code. Visiobike’s founders are so confident in these countermeasures that they provide one year’s theft insurance at no charge.


Two motor options are available, a 250-watt and 500-watt, the latter moving you up to 45km/h (28mph). Rear hub options are the NuVinci 360 manually shifted system or the electronically controlled, automatic NuVinci Harmony that shifts on its own to maintain the desired effort level.

Want one? It’s on IndieGogo now with the usual variety of smaller pledge perks. Here’s what it takes to actually get a bike:



  1. if this lives up to the specs this is pretty cool
    sure i like my non-electric bike for other reasons – but if i was to get an electric one id look for similar specs at the moment. specially for commuting.

  2. Indiegogo/Kickstarter is filled with amazing products (that rarely see the light of day).

    I’ll believe it when I see it blasting down the street, past my Specialized Turbo.

  3. So you can adjust the amount of motor assistance…excellent, now no one will suspect when you take that K.O.M on Strava 🙂

    You trained hard, you have the best bike and you’re motivated…now you’ll be passed on your favourite routes by guys in suits wearing flat caps….bummer!

  4. neat features, but they should hire a industrial designer to make it a little bit more appealing. geez, that thing is ugly

  5. @Ronin Amazing enough, but some people dont even track their rides on strava and just ride for fun. I know it sounds crazy.

  6. @Ralf
    It’ll be fun to see how quickly those radially laced wheels buckle when somebody applies the brakes.

    Cool looking, but has a good ways to go and a lot of potential creak points.

  7. @Ronin And this is why I now strava everything I do. And yes I mean everything. KOM brushing my teeth this morning. My daughter is going to be pissed that i took that one from her.

  8. No fenders, no racks to carry stuff, no lights, and overpriced. Where am I going that I need that range. Check out the GenZe scooter.

  9. The bike looks good, but the app looks even better. Could they even offer to sell the app for use on other electric bike brands. They can expand their market beyond their own cycle sales. Is there much out there in 3rd party electric bike apps?

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