Big side knobs for cornering traction, with smaller knobs in the center.Image Credit: Cyclocross Magazine

After the bevy of images flooded social media last week of a  new prototype Specialized Road Bike, the internet has been quiet regarding the speculated launch of a new gravel grinder.

 While we wait for an official announcement, the eagle eyed team at Cyclocross Magazine has spotted a new semi-slick prototype at the 2014 Lost and Found gravel race.Prototype Specialized Gravel Grinder Trigger Tire

Image Credit: Cyclocross Magazine

The folding tire was originally developed for Rebecca Rusch to race the Dirty Kanza,  but it may soon be available to the masses. Head over to Cyclocross Magazine for more information.


  1. specialized already has a killer gravel road tire. its called the Burroughs CX. Ive used it for all sorts of gravel races and have never had a flat.

  2. The “Borough” CX is what comes stock on the Tricross. It’s a heavy, hard to kill, slow tire that doesn’t have the tread of this file tread tire. For a winter commuter tire it is fantastic. I’ve got thousands of miles on these tires with nary a puncture. For a performance gravel tire it’s a little heavy, a little narrow, and lacking in tread.

    I’ve been hoping for this tire for a couple years since they came out with the 38c sport wire bead tire. Glad to see it’s here.

  3. The Borough CX actually used to be available in a “PRO” version. 120tpi, kevlar bead. The 700×42 size was 425gms. (not sure about the skinnier versions -for reference a smaller 650bx42 Hetre is 412gms) It is/was an awesome tire and very different from the turdly armadillo and other lowly versions of the tire that come stock on the Tricross.

    Their lack of tread is absolutely no problem on gravel -I’ve taken mine all over the woods in the PNW. Their lack of tread makes them excellent on pavement I’ve also done a 400k randonee with them.

    Naturally, Specialized killed the tire. Then they came out with their new 700×45 FatBoy. In effing wire-bead turdly version again. I wish they would get it through their heads that people would actually buy a nice blackwall 700×38 or 42 sized tire.

  4. mhh – we´ve got this tire already in germany! its called trigger pro and works fine…. mhh suspicious things.

  5. You know it absolutely kills me to see Specialized try and shove 60 TPI after 60 TPI tyre in our faces. How hard is it really to make a 120 TPI tire? I have no idea, so someone really tell me!

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