Product-hpumps-hp-gaugedrivehp-zoom1 While Lezyne makes numerous high quality accessories for cycling, some of our favorite items in their product line are pumps. Recently announced, the new Gauge Models are available in either road or mountain specific versions, to help inflate tires faster, and will come equipped with Lezyne’s ABS Pen Gauge.Product-hpumps-hv-gaugedrivehv-zoom2 The pen gauge is an in-line pressure gauge that is compatible with both Presta and Schrader valves, and in conjunction with a bleeder port, allows users to adjust air pressure precisely.

For road applications, where high pressure is necessary, the Gauge Drive HP is capable of pumping tires to 120 psi/8.3 bar. It is available in either black or silver, weighs 199g, and will retail for $49.99.

While either pump will work in a pinch, the high volume specific Gauge Drive HV is designed for filling large mountain bike tires quickly. It features an oversized piston and shaft and can inflate tires up to 90 psi/6.2 bar. The 142g pump  is available in either black or silver, and retail is the same $49.99.

Lezyne Power Lever
The new Power Lever XL Tire levers are made from a fiber reinforced Composite Matrix, so you can muscle even the toughest of beads without worrying about breaking a lever. The have large handles for leverage and comfort, an integrated spoke hook, and an aggressive lip.

They levers are sold in pairs of either black or yellow, and are also available in counter-top POP boxes for shops, retail for a set is $4.99.Lezyne C02 InflatorThe new Control Drive is a 100% CNC machined C02 Inflator. The head works directly with either Presta or Schrader valves, and air volume  discharged is controlled via a large knurled knob.

It is compatible with threaded CO2 cartrdiges, and comes with an small sleeve, to protect your hands. Weight for the aluminum head is 46g, and is available in either ano black or silver, for a retail price of $26.99.

Learn more at Lezyne or check out our Factory Tour, to see how these products are made.


  1. I dunno about lezyne. They make pretty stuff, but it seems at the detriment of its functionality sometimes. Their $100 pump is a pain in the ass to screw on and doesn’t seem worth it compared to a $20 pump with a $15 silca head, and I never got a response from them when my lights broke…

  2. Yessss Lezyne mini pumps are the best.
    Strong, simple, reliable and light.
    Lights? Perhaps there are better options in the market.

  3. Lezyne’s Road Drive is one of the best handpump I think. Topeak’s one is also very useful, but it doesn’t look cool if compare to Lezyne. I’m huge fan of Lezyne.

  4. We use the Lezyne pumps in the bike shop I work at and we have used the same one on the shop floor for the past 4 years, couldnt rate them any higher.

  5. Funny Sam, we’ve been using the same $30 Specialized pump for eight years on the shop floor. Returned a lot of Lezynes though, and had to deal with their awful customer service.

  6. @Flip, looks like they no longer make a $30 floor pump. Probably didn’t get enough returns and knew folks wouldn’t be replacing them often enough!

    I’m still using a 30+ year old Silca track pump at home. Very few pumps today come close to that quality. The shop I work in goes through Blackburn and Bontrager pumps in about a week or two, the Joe Blow last about a month or two, we are testing the Lezyne now. The biggest Lezyne complaint on their floor pump is the screw on chuck, kind of a PITA when customers are waiting. We calculated use and figured our shop is busy enough in the summer to give a pump a typical lifetime of consumer use in much less than a month (like 2.5 weeks or so.) Only the Topeak Joe Blow out lasts that so far.

  7. I like the Lezyne floor pumps. They are pricey though. The hand pumps are annoying with the screw on thingy. Those hand pumps are ok, but not anything to write home about. Overall, they make solid products. I have to agree with the others though. If you ever have a problem with your Lezyne product, you can forget about their customer service. It sucks royally.

  8. To expand on my earlier comment, I also know some shops that really like lezyne pumps, although it’s common to put a different head on it. Sounds like I’m royally screwed on my light situation. Great.

  9. The threaded ABS Flip Chuck is a very secure system, but we also have DUAL VALVE head for our floor pumps, in case you don’t like the thread-on system.
    Compatible with every Lezyne high pressure floor pump.
    We compare the 2 pump heads with either you like automatic or stick shift 🙂

    We are sorry to hear you had trouble to reach someone from our customer service. We did hire an other person lately and we have a new Customer Service manager, that keeps the department organized! Please contact us directly if you have any questions or if you did not get a reply from us so far ( We would like to prove again, that our service is as good as our products. Ride on and happy weekend!

  10. @Brian: if you’re seeing that many customers, why haven’t you bought a compressor based system? Seems you’ve more than spent the money for an industrial grade inflator head, and the compressor tanks themselves just don’t fail. You’d have saved money and a huge amount of time by now.

    PS: I’m sceptical that you’re breaking pumps once a week unless you have a really clumsy mechanic.

  11. Do not listen to Lezyne’s promises of customer service.
    I lodged a warranty claim four months ago. Other than a couple of emails promising something will be done (normally they promise something today, or this week), nothing has happened.
    They are useless on the customer service front, and their design quality has gone down hill since they have gone mass market. Buy the tyre levers, but stay away from their products with moving parts. I have one broken lezyne pump, one which destroys valves at anything greater than 90psi and their light fittings work but fall of the bike…

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