Stolen Bike Awarness ClothingFrom supporting our troops to raising awareness for breast cancer, there’s a custom ribbon for nearly every worthy cause. Continuing along those lines, Threadless user Linguini has created a rallying symbol for those who have had their bikes stolen.

The idea was born after a friend has his cable lock cut and his bike stolen. This “cable” ribbon now serves to remind the group of riding buddies to always lock up their bikes properly.

Check out the other designs after the break…Stolen Bike Awareness Cable Lock Ribbon Clothing TshirtLike the designs? Head over here to Threadless to help ensure the clothing gets printed!


  1. Kinda funny, but I don’t believe there is a way to ‘lock up a bike properly’.

    My stumpjumper was locked up to a 4″ steel pole with a U-lock through the frame and cable through the wheels/lock. It was in the bike locker of my condo, which was secured with a chain and combo lock, and located 3 floors underground only accessible through either 3 key fob access doors/elevator or 2 key fob controlled garage doors. Still disappeared. As did my singlespeed in the same spot a year later. Fuck Theives.

  2. @Dale, locking it up in the basement of a condo building can be filed under “not locked up properly”. how many people have access to that room? everyone that lives, or used to live in your condo building. And they have a good 8 hours during the night to get through whatever lock you have. When i worked at a shop in Chicago we would specifically tell people who were buying nicer bikes to not lock them up in the “thief room”.

  3. This is just about the dumbest idea ever. Next to the banana hammock handlebar mount.
    Way to water down all other charitable causes with idiocy. Excellent work.

  4. @dale, seriously, why not just put it in your condo? any room ‘shared’ with a buncha strangers is asking for a problem.

    we have a ‘bike room’ in our basement at work, only 5 or so people have access to it, and i know most of them personally. although i still choose not to use it, it gets stashed in one of our spare offices.. you can never be too careful when it comes to your babies!

  5. I lost my mom to cancer. I find this totally offensive and mocking of a very legitimate cause(s). This is usually a great website but I question the judgment in even recognizing such garbage. Just remove the link.

  6. I wonder if someone with cancer will see this as amusing, or be insulted that a stolen bike is remotely compared to a human life…

    I find this a bit insulting and wish this goes away quickly.

  7. Yeah, it’s not very funny. It seems to fall into one of two categories: First World Problems (aka White People Problems) or Look at Me, I’m a Victim. Why would you want to advertise either one?

  8. @TheConductor: There are 7.046+ billion people on earth but only around 1 billion bicycles, by the numbers a bike is over 7 times more valuable than a human life.


  9. Woah – please, relax.

    I like it, a little motto to remind people about bike safety – should be seen merely as another step towards less thefts – the proceeds should go to one of many bike charities/societies that help cyclists.

    As for those talking about ‘cancer’ etc. can I help put things in perspective: that was merely a slightly unfortunate choice of words from the author. This isnt a world wide organization dedicated to preventing bike thefts nor is it a cause to take up – it’s just a nice motif.

    First world problems? I’m sorry but anyone spewing negativity towards this, once again; you are on bikerumour, accessing the internet, you have water to drink and food to eat. If you’re ready to criticize (unfairly in mho, but that is mute) other people I hope you too are paragons of virtue and it’s by coincidence that you saw this post somehow, while in reality you are working day in day out to helping other people and riding your bike.

    On a separate note – some peoples bikes are their world: be it as a saviour from depression/alcoholism/home abuse or just as their only means of transportation allowing them to work. Having your bike stolen is devastating, this is just a nice way of reminding you to think about safety!

  10. the only thing locks and alarms do is keep honest people honest. the ribbon is a reminder of how clueless you were to the idea that a cable was gonna deter anyone and yeah it’s in bad taste.

  11. @mazza- IF a bike is your only means of transportation(mine was for a couple of years) i guarantee a “reminder” hoodie is not where my cash is going.

  12. Mazza-Maybe the real issue is I find the incessant whining about one’s lot in life to be counterproductive at best and society destroying at its worst.
    Seems everyone feels they need to bring attention to their situation. What ever happened to STFU and dealing with it yourself or with friends. Or shockingly,being smart and buying insurance to cover it? How about securing your bicycle in a situation that would require an armed invasion to take it as mine is? Isn’t impossible if you actually consider your situation and plan accordingly.
    I have had my garage broken into and lost $20K worth of stuff(2 expensive bikes and tools and music media). But guess what? I had being paying for insurance for just such a thing and I got covered. Go figure. Luck favors the prepared. But it may require you actually pay attention to life’s details.

  13. @Wes

    Sorry for your loss. Also, sorry you get offended that easily. If anything this is an homage to the original cancer cause, with a twist for fans of bicycling. It is not mocking anything nor is it comparing a stolen bike with a lost human life. But when you look at it that way, even the real cancer ribbon could be considered offensive since people use it as a fashion accessory without none whatsoever real support for the research or development of cancer.

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