Mike Steidley Checks in with the Birzman Travel Tool Box

Since I started carrying a portable tool kit in my car it has saved a lot of rides. To date, I’m not sure it has ever been used on one of my bikes, but saving the ride for someone else can be just as rewarding. Birzman introduced their new tool boxes earlier this year at Frostbike with both the mega Studio, and the more portable Travel kit.

Equipped with the 20 tools most used for quick repairs to building a new bike, the Birzman Travel kit is ready to save the day.  Birzman sponsored rider, and 11 time Trials National champion Mike Steidley opens up the heavy duty PE plastic Travel case, to break down what’s inside., next…



  1. Problem with kits like this is they leave no room for additional tools. What if you need to carry a Mavic spoke wrench or some other specialized tool? Better off just buying the tools you need and a conventional tool box. If you travel a lot of work as a race/event mechanic then you invest in a Howe case.

  2. “What if you need to carry a Mavic spoke wrench or some other specialized tool?”

    Then you should follow these steps:
    1. If you are a Mavic sponsored rider, find a new sponsor.
    2. Sell your Mavic wheels on Craigslist and find new wheels from a company that understands that there is no performance benefit to having four different proprietary tools to adjust your wheels.

    Problem solved.

  3. @David, Birzman is distributed through QBP in the US, so you should be able to buy it at any shop with a Q account.

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