Yep, a new Pivot mountain bike is coming next week. We’ll be at PressCamp for the debut and report back with all the details. What do we know so far? Nada, other than that tiny rider looks like they’re hauling butt on a mid-travel bike. We asked founder Chris Cocalis if we could tease anything. Here’s how that conversation went…


So, see ya next week!


  1. took a page out of rockshox’s playbook (that inverted from thing). hope this is not a trend, all it does is irritate people, when a company intensionally does things like this.

  2. I hope it is a 145-150 travel 27.5 wheel bike with 67.5 – 68 degree head angle called “QK” short for quiver killer.

    Question: do people like the DW linkage?

  3. Can’t wait. Just prepped up a friend’s Blur XC Carbon he bought used, and had a chance to ride it back to back with my Mach 4. The two bikes were market competitors, but have different suspension characteristics. After riding them both, I’m happy with my decision – and thinking about my next DW link bike from Pivot.

  4. To Jason

    Are you a shop or a customer? My question is if you are a customer how long have you been waiting for a bike since you put a deposit down and if you are a shop how many bikes does your shop put on the floor?

  5. Waiting for a mid travel 29er with enduro 29-like geo. Slack and low, with trail bike handling, suspension, & poppiness, xc-like lightness and responsiveness, and freeride-like stability at speed & in the air. 45″ish wheelbase, 430ish RC, size 17/med with long reach (410-425) and relatively low ~610-625 stack (for a 130-140 fork’d 29er). Water bottle mount inside the frame a plus. Could this be it, or do I have to wait for the SJ FSR revamp?

  6. I don’t understand this marketing tactic. If they told me something about the bike, I might hold off a purchasing decision till I knew more. Just saying “there’s a new bike coming” doesn’t encourage me to buy a pivot at all; if I were thinking of buying a mach6, for example, I’d wait till I knew what the new bike was (and the wait might well convince me that a Nomad is a better choice). If I was considering buying something pivot doesn’t currently offer (like a longer travel 29er), should I wait, or just get a Ripley or something else already out?

    Of course what I really want doesn’t exist yet, so I’m waiting regardless. So my hope is it’s something similar to an Intense Carbine 29, only sized big enough to fit an adult.

  7. I am enjoying riding my 2012 Remedy 9.9 that I got for a steal due to it having 26 inch wheels. I am going to wait a couple more years until I feel the bike companies have the 27.5 really dialed.

  8. @Jason – of course all companies are going to continue to release new product and there will continue to be times when hot in demand bikes will outpace production. There is a finite capacity in production for any bikes, especially so for small innovative companies.

    As for marketing tactics, this photo was posted by projekt roam .. so tyler grabbed it and ran with it.. i really doubt pivot set him up to this.. hence the name of the blog – bike RUMOR

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