Secret Training full strip skin care kit

Every cyclist has his or her own race day ritual, but more often than not, taking good care of the skin is often left out – we hastily shave our legs in our cheap hotel room and then absentmindedly roll to the line without leg warmers or sunscreen because we forgot them in the car.

New company on the scene, Secret Training, makes proper skin care easy with its new line of skin care products and full race day personal care kit (£49.99). Called the STrip line, for Secret Training Race Informed Products, the full range of skin care products is made with only essential, natural ingredients to allow cyclists to perform at their best, no matter what the forecast. From SPF30 sunscreen (£5.99) and lip balm (£2.99) to embrocation (£7.99) and post-race wash (£5.99), Secret Training has your skin care needs covered for before, during, and after your ride.

Heck, they even help keep you mentally fresh…


Ever registered late, ran back to the car and then freaked out because you didn’t have any way to attach your number to your jersey? Pins in a Tin gives you your own secret stash of safety pins.


  1. @oldschool I don’t call you a d* for not embracing the cycling culture as a whole. Why can’t people just embrace cycling there is so much hate. Rapha has brought a lot of passion to the sport of cycling. Strava gets all sorts of people out riding. This stuff makes my legs look like a supermodel, and you sir/ or madam (but probably not) are just cranky. Ride a bike or something.

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