Kuroshiro Begins Shipping Enso 685, Final Version of the Lightest Fat bike Carbon Rim

Back in February, we got a first look at the all new Kuroshiro Enso 685. An impressive new carbon fat bike rim that was a collaboration between Raceware SRL and Alchemist carbon, the Enso 685 promised to be the lightest rim on the market. Fast forward to the present and the final production version of the rim is now finished and at 415g (+/-10%) Kuroshiro claims they hit their mark. Combined with a set of Tune fat bike hubs and Sapim Superspokes, the wheelsets can be built under 1600g which was their target when setting out. As an added bonus, thanks to the Spline construction the wheels can be run tubeless without rim tape, saving even more weight.

The final definitive version, called V8, entered into production on May 30th and is shipping soon. Orders placed now will ship outin 45-60 days due to the number of back orders and the fact that they can still only produce one rim per day. Produced 100% in Italy, the 85mm carbon rims will be up on a new Kuroshiro websited July 15th, but until then you can drop Raceware a line to get your order in. US price is still TBD.


  1. ±10%? That’s a huge range in variation. I would hope that they have their process down better than that. For those not wanting to do math, that means the rims will weigh 374 g-457 g.

  2. With today’s pre-preg carbon fiber (epoxy preimpregnanted onto unidirectional fibers) I highly doubt it’s +/- 10% but rather 10 grams. I worked for LEW 12 years ago with old tech and we were +/- 5 grams. Old tech and road rims. +/-10 grams seems fair and most likely the case.

  3. The V8? Did they not know VeeTire has a fat bike tire called V8? Could have picked something more interesting and unique… If I’m being picky… which I am.

    • Sorry Tad, should have made that more clear. The rim is called the Enso685, this is the 8th version, or V8.

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