koobi 232t triathlon saddle with center relief channel

Let’s face it – sitting hunched over aero bars on traditional saddles isn’t exactly comfortable, but it’s aero. Koobi’s new 232T aims to bring some relief to the insanity by offering a broader padded section for better sit bone support coupled with a forward sitting design.

With the growing popularity of wider tri saddles like the ISM Adamo, Koobi founder Phil Schweizer said he wanted to gain the comfort but keep the nose slim enough to prevent excessive thigh rub. The result is the new 232T, whose numerical name refers to the saddle length in millimeters. He claims that’s the shortest saddle in its class.

Beyond comfort, it brings a new one- or two-bottle hydration clip on that’s easily removable for shorter races…

koobi 232t triathlon saddle with center relief channel

Like all Koobi saddles, it has a wide center relief channel connected at the front by a recessed part of the sub frame. Here, that part of the frame also incorporates a nose hook to keep the bike securely hanging from the saddle on an event rack. The 232T is designed to put the rider in a more forward position while remaining somewhat comfortable when sitting up for extended climbs.

koobi 232t triathlon saddle with center relief channel

The optional hydration model clicks onto the rear of the saddle and rotates to position the bottles almost horizontally up to almost vertically. Depending on your skill level in reach back and your desire to be ultra aero.

koobi 232t triathlon saddle with center relief channel

Mount one water bottle cage to the center, or mount two side by side using the other mounting holes. It’s limited to 24oz of load weight, so small, 12oz bottles are recommended. Add it to any saddle for $59.95 with one steel cage or $79.95 with one titanium cage.

Saddles retail for:

  • $199.95 – Titanium rails – 279g
  • $179.95 – Chromoly rails – 299g
  • $149.95 – Steel rails – 319g

All weights are without the hydration module. They also offer a test ride program if you want to try one out before fully committing.



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