Steview Smith 275 dh devinci 2

Stevie Smith, AKA the Chainsaw Massacre, is back. After breaking his ankle earlier this year in New Zealand, the reigning 2013 World Cup DH champion is back on the bike and looking to make up for lost time. The new season also looks like it brings with it a new bike with Stevie posting up next to a new Devinci Wilson prototype that is running 27.5″ wheels. Built with a new lower and forward rear shock placement, Stevie’s rig will be set up with the latest from SRAM including X01 DH, Guide Brakes, and a RS Boxxer likely sporting a Blackbox treatment.

If you look closely, you may also notice the Schwalbe First Ride tires which should mean full on 27.5″ DH rubber is on the way from Schwalbe. Take a closer look after the break to see if you spot anything else plus check out the latest clip from RedBull on Stevie’s Downtime…

Steview Smith 275 dh devinci

You can catch the racing at Fort William live on RedBull, or if you have a Chromecast, you can stream the finals directly to your TV with the RedBull TV App.


  1. If that’s not a remix of the good old Sunn Radical+ of a few years ago .. I’m eating my hat!

    (not that it’s a bad thing, don’t get me wrong, that bike was brilliant, but lacked some research on durability … :D)

  2. It’s not like a Radical + for the reason it’s a reverse Split pivot. I do agree the Radical + was a brilliant bike, decades ahead of everything else ages ago in terms of suspension design and linkage.

    I trust someone like Dave Weagle to go his way rather than just copying the Radical +.

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