Troy Brosnan 650 Specialized Demo

This photo was posted by Troy Brosnan on his facebook page a few days ago.  He is a DT Swiss sponsored athlete, and is riding EX471 Enduro rims at the race, but his bike was sporting these unreleased 650B Specialized wheels in this image

Over the past few World Cup races, Specialized team riders Troy Brosnan, Aaron Gwin, and Mitch Ropeleto, have ridden a wide assortment of bikes. From modified Enduro Evos sporting 650b wheels, to 29ers, and maybe even a Demo sporting a Boxxer with Ohlins internals.

For this weekend though, all three boys will be tackling the notoriously chunky Fort Williams track on Specialized Demos sporting 650b wheels. From the many photos we’ve seen floating around the internet, the bike looks to be fairly similar to the existing (or should we say outgoing?) model.

Is this just a ruse? Could Specialized have all new Demo in the works, or will the 650B Demo carry the same design language that has worked so well in the recent past? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Hop past the break to see a few more images of the bike…Troy Brosnon Specialized Demo 8 27.5Troy Brosnan 650 Specialized Demo 2Whatever the wheel size is, it seems to be working out for Troy. He just posted this photo to his Facebook wall after finishing timed training in 2nd place! You can give his page a like here.


  1. It’s time to retire the Demo. The only time the Specialized DH guys win is when they ride the Enduro. So why not just make a bigger travel version of the Enduro instead of trying to make this antiquated design work.

  2. No way! A 650b downhill bike – we’ve NEVER seen that before. Seriously Specialized, I’ve been a bit disappointed lately with how ‘behind the times’ you have been. I guess better late than never?

  3. I think they will go with a new rear wheel standard with an offset dish and and QR’s cause they are faster for wheel changes…roflol.

  4. exactly. another 650b bike. what do people expect with this wheel size? “the only time spesh dh guys win…” <drunk on the haterade. sam hill. google him.

  5. @satisFACTORYrider Quite the contrary actually, I would love to see Aaron, Troy and Mitch win some races for the big red “S”. I think Specialized has one of the best teams out there. The Demo just isn’t the best DH platform out there right now. I think if they built on a new DH platform on the Enduro layout, they would win more races and have a lighter faster bike.

  6. I wish that Pivot could afford these 3 because with the bikes that Pivot is making you know all three would have many many more podiums in the near future.

  7. @schmidtty- There are so many talented riders riding on amazing bikes who haven’t managed a wcdh win. Some riders simply transcend the sled and some for whatever reason for the season can’t. You could ask why the v-10 hasn’t won enough for peaty, minaar and ratboy yet the atherton’s can win on whatever. Will a session see a podium anytime soon now that gwin is off of it? I can’t relate to that level of riding so…

  8. demo’s all right I reckon. Hell ya, Hill still flat out foot out! C’mon Sam! Leogang is yours nxt weekend!

  9. Every time I try to predict the future spitting stupid BS usually goes to exactly the opposite. Well, i’m glad that the above experts don’t make decisions for the Specialized team. Troy and Aaron sends a big #1#2 hug!

  10. Spesh has a full carbon redesign close to production. This bike looks nothing like the current demo/bike pictured here and is full carbon (incl rear triangle). It will be like the black alu test mule that was leaked last summer up in Whistler, which had a concentric bb,mid stay pivots, and no double bar chainstay. They’ve got a full carbon version out there now. If they are paying for carbon molds then it can’t be too far away… Google around and you will find pic easy. My guess is 2016 will be when a lot of redesigns drop, particularily those bikes that are or will be offered in 650b in 2015 (ie: Stumpy and Enduro). The current options are bandaid bikes, ala Ibis HDR.

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