Lapierre DH Bike  (8)
The brand new Lapierre Downhill bike has been in development for some time now, and had already achieved a top 5 at Worlds under Sam Blenkinsop, and a 2nd place at Leogang under Loic Bruni.

With these impressive credentials, it’s hard to argue with the bikes aggressive new geometry, 27.5″ wheels, and all new suspension platform. Lapierre DH Bike  (1) The new suspension design utilizes a technology we all know (and love) as a linkage actuated single pivot, but the official three letter acronym is SLT, which stands for Supra Link Technology.

The new linkage has been designed around a suspension curve that maximizes small bump sensitivity and then ramps up impressively towards the end of the bikes 210mm of travel, which should help reduce harsh bottom outs.

The main pivot position has also been tuned, to limit the impact of pedaling on suspension performance.

Lapierre DH Bike  (3)
Lapierre DH Bike  (4) The system makes use of ovesized axles, for better reliability, and easy maintenance.Lapierre DH Bike  (5) Though not pictured here, there is an optional mudguard included, which will help protect the shock and linkage from grime.
Lapierre DH Bike  (6) The frame has internal routing and a wider rear triangle, for improved mud clearance, and tire selection.Lapierre DH Bike  (7)The compact rear dropouts are removable, and new rubber chainstay and seatstay protectors have been introduced to reduce noise and chain slap. Fork bumpers have also been integrated into the frame.New 2014 27.5 Lapierre DH GeometryThe frame will be available in three sizes (S, M, L) and the head angle is adjustable +/- degree from the stock 63.7. Lapierre DH Bike  (2)The new bike will be available in two different build kits, the top of the line DH team kit, and more budget friendly DH 727.

The top of the line model will feature a Boxxer WC, Vivid Coil, X01 drivetrain with 7 speed kit, and an assortment of Easton Havoc components. If you elect to save a little cash for lift tickets, the bike will come equipped with a Boxxer Coil, Fox Van R shock, and SRAM X01 10 speed kit, E13 LG1+ Wheels, and an Easton Havoc cockpit. Final price on both these options have yet to be announced.

Stay tuned this weekend to the World Cup race at Fort Williams to see more of the bike under Emmeline Ragot.

The new model isn’t up on the English website yet, but you can keep checking there for more info.


  1. Let me guess… optimal small bump sensitivity yet a progressive and bottomless feel? I bet it even pedals well! Let’s get down to the details that really matter: Does it look bomber and have a matte black/red color scheme? Yes? It will sell.

  2. Whats with the piece of cloth covering the main pivot? Looks like someone jammed their dirty sock in that hole in the frame.

  3. I think it’s a little wet up at Fort William at the moment, so I imagine that bit of foam above the BB is to keep too much mud from getting built up in there.

  4. No that bike didn’t get 5that Worlds nor 2nd at Leogang. It was the Pendox version in 27.5 though. Geometry was possibly something they’ve tuned for the bigger wheel and that we find in this new DH but the linkage was absolutely not the same.

  5. I still don’t know if it’s a race to come out with the best,most effective suspension linkage or just a matter of showing off about how differently and cool each manufacturer does it,who cares if it works sh@t,suckers pay for it anyway.

  6. Please publish a clear photo of the left side of bikes, so that we can see the suspension. In the right side photos it is always hidden by the chainring/chain device/FD etc.

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