In spite of many of the trail worthy fat bike advancements lately, they still seem to carry the stigma of only being good in sand or snow. Sure, the extra wide footprint excels when the ground gets soft, but they are a blast to ride in other conditions as well. Few know that as well as the crew from 9:Zero:7 as they have been riding and selling fat bikes for all conditions for years. They’ve also just put out their first video by John Lynn Photography highlighting the 9:Zero:7 Whiteout in it’s natural Alaskan habitat – just not in the winter.


  1. So find a good trail, ride on it very slowly and demonstrate how a lack of suspension makes things harder. Then sell fat bikes off-season.

    Makes sense.

  2. It’s like a real bike but with really poor handling and slower. Sign me up. This is especially useful since most people that own fatbike’s only have one bike.

  3. Geee, thanks for all the technical commenting here. The video is all about the pleasure of riding a Fatbike on surfaces other than snow. Isn’t cycling about fun with what is available; bike or trail conditions. What a bunch of snobbs!!!

    9zero7 rider
    Anchorage AK

  4. @ CGY….you could not be more wrong….most people in Alaska that own fat bikes have more than one type of bike…in fact they normally have several. I can’t believe all the negative comments’ I have a fat bike and love it. From the comments I have read I am betting few if any of you have even ridden one. There are many ways to enjoy trail riding on all the different types of bikes available today. I gave up on full suspension bikes years ago its just not how I choose to ride anymore…if that’s your thing then fine;there’s more than one way to enjoy the trails……simple as that.

  5. Wow! so much technical commentary, but what is biking about? Might it be enjoying a trail however best you can ride it. The video is to show that you don’t have to let your Fatbike sit all Summer until it snows again. It promotes the increasing interest for a fairly new bike classification in the industry. There is plenty of suspension in a low pressure fat tire. Have any of the other posters ridden a Fatbike besides Jeff.

    9zero7 rider
    Anchorage AK

  6. @Jeff Powell @Larry: I think people might be taking issue with the ponderous speed and generally poor technique demonstrated in the video. If they showed someone that could really shred ride a fatbike and make it look faster and more engaging, you would see different comments. 9zero7 should have thought about hiring a pro to rip the bike prior to dropping all that coin on a promo video. ‘Jimmy’ from marketing is just not good enough.

  7. Probably one of the most boring videos posted in a long time! Fatbikes look cool, but this video did not do them justice!

  8. I was like wow so much hate…

    Then I watched it and it is justified, who wants to watch someone ride slower than the average Joe on a bike that could hammer that terrain so much faster and look way better doing it. I’m guessing whoever filmed it hasnt spent that much time on a bike

  9. Like poster emp, after the hater comments up the top I was all fired up to reply. So I actually watched the video first.

    ok. I get it now. Seriously, who at 907 thought that was in any way interesting?

    There are plenty of good vids of fatbikes riding (at speed even), having fun and doing what all fatbike riders know the bikes are for. (yes, I’m an owner)

    You can find a bunch of them here from the guys at Sandman Bikes. (no, I don’t own one of their bikes)

    people, sorry. But this video is just plain lame.

  10. riding doesn’t have to include “shredding” and “ripping” trails and it doesn’t always have to be fast (unless you’re suffering from testosterone poisoning and just need to take a deep breath and an ego check….)
    I have four bikes I regularly ride….all different, all provide different ride experiences. . .horses for courses and all that. Fat bikes are fun when you can relax and not be judgmentally constricted to “must be fast….must be shreddy. . .” But hey, let’s not miss an opportunity for internet sneering!

    yeesh. . . .

  11. 9:Zero scores a 0.

    I really tried to like this. Painfully slow. I actually checked my internet speed to see if it was slow, nope, just the rider.

  12. I prefer to watch vids of guys who can ride at least better than myself.

    If you want to sell me on the notion of taking my snowbike (fatbike) out when I’ve got a purpose built trail bike waiting to go, then you’ll have to show me someone ripping pretty hard on it to show off what 1.5″ of undamped suspension can do.

    That said, it looks like an enjoyable trail and were it just a vid a couple dudes put together then i’d say bravo and keep on keepin on!
    but as a 907 opportunity it’s a bit soft. see some Knolly vids something to get amped up about

  13. Is this video supposed to make me feel like someone slipped something into my drink?

    The trail looks like fun despite what the video makes it look like

  14. Ya fat bikes are slow and this vid is boring as hell. However riding a fat bike sure can be fun. I fully acknowledge that they don’t make sense however for one reason or another there quite a good time. I’m sure all of you would have a smile on your face!

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