2015 Specialized Roubaix sneak peek with thru axles

Spotted in the Instagram feed of a Specialized rep, this looks very much like it could be the next generation Roubaix. From the looks, we’re guessing thru axles.

It also looks like the top- and downtubes get a bit punchier shaping, with subtle ridges on the sides. The fork’s Zertz inserts move up and back a bit, making room for what might be a rack mount? The crown is noticeably bigger than current generation models with a distinct ridge along the back of the leg.

While we’re speculating, even the handlebar looks a bit wider on the top and corners, suggesting a new ergo option with broader perch than the current shallow bend offerings. All, of course, remains to be seen. More as we get it.


  1. Exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

    “Want List”
    1-Thru-Axles 15mm & 142x12mm
    2-integrated fender mounts
    4-hydraulic disc breaks
    5- a bike I can race & commute with

  2. William +1
    6. Electronic twist grip option for changing gears on the straight part of the bars near/either side of the stem.
    7. A split brake system so I can have brake levers there too.

  3. this is funny after the Specialized rep said along the lines of ‘we don’t see any advantage to offering thru axles’
    And to echo others, looks like Specialized is again playing catchup to Trek. Nothing major seen here.

  4. Has Specialized done anything original or “innovative” in the last 10 years? They appear to always be slamming, then following on every new advancement.

    Innovate or Die…. guess they have made their choice.

  5. Real Men and Legit Ladies ride their road bikes on gravel too, and dont need these silly “innovations”. Specialized and Trek have essentially created a new discipline of cycling based solely on their desires to sell the consumers new or innovative products which they dint need.

  6. Whose insta feed is this from? I saw another pic of this bike (pretty sure it was the same bike) from the back and the seatstays do not appear to have Zertz. The back of the bike looks like the new Tarmac with discs. There is a group riding these in California right now and posting lots of pictures.

  7. “Specialized and Trek have essentially created a new discipline of cycling based solely on their desires to sell the consumers new or innovative products which they dint need.”

    Apple gets slammed for this same thing, yet lines are out the door. Which is funny, as I can never spot the Apple (or Specialized/Trek) employees with guns to customers’ heads, forcing them to part with their money to buy these products.

  8. @ The Doc., hard to agree with you. My view is that more and more riders(not racers) are tired of having a limited choice in road bikes. As most race bikes on the market feature race geo’s that dont fit for non-racers. How many spacers do most road riders run under their stems? Endurance geometry, wider tire clearance, disc brakes all equal to a cool adventure road bike for the 99%. These types of non-conformist road bikes arent for sheeple riding around in the full pro kits wanting to look like Wiggins, they dont want to jump on the Peter Sagan Wagan, they just want to break away!

  9. See ? like it or not everytime it’s a Specialized everyone talks about it. Oh,and I’m sick of my Roubaix anyway,I want a Tarmac.

  10. Trek? Specialized? Yawn

    Cannondale seems to be the only USA brand that is innovative and has the most kick ass bikes out there

  11. @FarmerJohn: “My view is that more and more riders(not racers) are tired of having a limited choice in road bikes.”

    I’ll ignore the rest of your post since it’s based on the false premise made in the first sentence. Unless you have data to back your claim up, then I’m afraid I can’t address your complaint.

  12. From WIki – Cannondale Bicycle Corporation, is an American division of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries that supplies bicycles. It is headquartered in Bethel, Connecticut with manufacturing and assembly facilities in China and Taichung, Taiwan.

    Cannondale is Canadian now, eh!

  13. “serious” Cannondale is owned by Dorel, a Canadian company – the bikes are made is Taiwan and China. They have their headquarters in the USA…but I’d say they are Canadian now, eh!

  14. @Somefawkingguy… the tires actually look pretty wide and it looks like there is room for more. Maybe something along the lines of a carbon AWOL?

  15. Will a thru axle help keep a disc rotor in alignment with calipers when replacing a wheel with a totally different one? Are disc rotor mounts in relation to hub end caps in tight enough tolerance among diff hubs?

    I know it helps on a mtn bike for re-installing a wheel with less fuss with disc brake rub, after changing a tire or tube. On the other hand, thru axles actually make removing and installing a rear wheel harder. In the front, it depends on the thru axle design and how much unthreading is required; manitou hex lock seems faster than QR, but many other thru axle designs seem to be no faster.

  16. Anyone thought this could be a didicated Gravel bike to take over from the Crux evo gravel grinder, and not a roubaix?

  17. Oh dear god. Please let this be true. Please god.

    Thru axles and please let the Specialized man know that the fork needs to be a road fork in a 367-ish height with a wide crown that will fit both 700x28mm tires and 650bx42mm tires.

    And god, please let it have about 415mm-ish chainstays that will be 1980s wide enough to fit 700x28mm tires and 650bx42mm tires.

    Please god. Oh dear god. Please let this happen.

  18. I’d love to be able to run 700×28 or 650bx38 (or 42), depending on which road I’m heading to. I love my roubaix sl3, but for gravel roads I’m stuck with a much worse performing bike. Bring it on, Specialized!

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