According to the Youtube description, on an MTB ride a few days ago in Cape Town, South Africa,an armed gunman and two others stopped this rider, took his cellphone, car keys, Oakley’s, and bike.

Luckily the thieves, who should earn some variation of a Darwin award for this, did not know what a GoPro was.


  1. Man..that was scary. Obviously the guy had no idea how to use a gun but that was scary anyway,no need to take a chance.

  2. Subhuman? No, that was a human act. Sadly, acts like that are something that humans do quite often.

    Alas, armed robberies also happen all the time in the US. It’s not just a problem in Mexico.

  3. If the rider was hanging from that harness thing featured in an earlier BR article, by the time he untied himself and handed over “whatever” he’d be dead.

  4. I would have kicked their ass if they tried to pull that on me. When the gunman let his guard down to take the guys bike, that’s when you go off on him and his friend.

  5. Ajax- I hope you’re kidding, the cost of a bike vs your life?
    Do the math.
    But then again, the ‘net breeds Chuck Norris dreamers.

  6. @Andrew

    In the Director’s Cut of the video, the two “thieves” and the “victim” have a good laugh together, as money is exchanged.

    “Thanks guys, got the video. Will be easy to get a new rig after this!”

  7. Busted! The caught the guys after the rider posted the Video on Youtube. Do a search for “bike thieves South Africa busted after guy posts the video on Youtube.”

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