The Win Tunnel is an ongoing web series on Youtube that is produced by Specialized. On the show, the engineers field questions on facebook, twitter, etc… using the hashtag #Aeroiseverything.

A few weeks ago, they tested the myth of the #AeroBeard. This week, they’re testing how different apparel combinations affects your performance. The results are obvious but the performance bottom line may surprise you.


  1. Now I have a valid excuse to wear my embarrassing cycling clothing to the pub, I have an extra seven min drinking time.

  2. it seems that Spesh engineers have a heluva lotta time on their hands these days. Maybe they could help out their legal dept a little or improve the hook/loop tabs on their shoes.;)

  3. This is great info, and I’m glad they did the tests.

    What’s also interesting is that given you’re on a road bike, the biggest aero performance increase you can get isn’t from the latest Cervelo or Venge, it’s from wearing form-fitting clothing.

  4. @0candles

    Actually, the information benefits us in more than amusing ways. Why wouldn’t you think this research is beneficial? It’s not wasting time. These are the kinds of questions most bike companies can’t answer because they didn’t want to spend the time booking a third-party wind tunnel to investigate these seemingly trivial inquiries.

    Also, BOA, not Specialized, makes those hook/loop tabs. You need to vent to them. Better yet, go on their website and post more useless comments.

  5. So, Specialized puts real comparison numbers down (not marketing fluff), and even says more benefit for a jersey than aero wheel$, and people still post up jaded comments? You must be a joy to be around…

    Thanks Specialized for the real world numbers.


  6. I really appreciate them doing this. I think it nicely illustrates the idea that aero needs a system approach, and you can implement as much as you want or want to spend.

  7. The Brits already tested this.

    TLDR: wearing properly fitting clothing will save you more time than your aero wheels with ceramic bearings.

  8. @Matt
    I thought everyone already knew that

    Before someone points out Charity Century riders don’t go 50kmh, you gain more time savings the slower you are, just not with linear proportionality.

    Now Q: If you have a medium size jersey that you fill with fat, is that more aerodynamic that being skinny and having it flap around?

  9. Aero benefits are exponential, not linear. They tested it at 50Km/h. That’s twice my average speed. I guess this aero stuff makes a difference if you are in a pro tour breakaway or racing, but for any average joe, it’s not that much advantage.

    BTW, this is no research, this plain good old marketing.

  10. Malol,
    dude above said “NOT with linear proportionality”.
    although aero benefits are exponential, and the slower you go, the smaller the speed benefit, since youre talking about fixed distances that means youre out on the course longer. so typically, your TIME SAVED is greater at slower speeds… to a point. smaller speed increase, but greater time saved.

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