SummerSocks-3429Strawfoot Handmade is a small company located in Santa Cruz, Ca, that hand makes bags and other items using American sourced materials. In addition to producing some beautiful duffle bags, they’ve just launched a new line of thin merino wool socks just in time for summer.

Versatile enough to be worn everyday, while hiking, or riding, they’re available in three great colorways, and retail for $16.

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Strawfoot SUmmer Socks
All socks are made in the US by Defeet. Get yours here.

Do Epic ShitSpeaking of DeFeet, they have a new limited edition pair of Hi-Viz socks that remind you to “Do Epic Sh!t.” The words are elite adventure racer Sonya Looney’s personal mantra, and that spirit will run you $10.99.

Get yours here


  1. The socks do appear to say “shit”, not “sh!t”. Are you seriously so prudish you can’t write “shit”? Not even when it’s the name of the product, more or less? Now I’m wondering if my comment will be censored 🙂

  2. KitKat – I agree. I used to have a ’96 RaceLite same color/decals converted to SS and this picture brought back some wonderful memories.

  3. Hand-made? So, someone sat down with a spinning wheel, pulled out some merino wool/lycra thread, then mixed up some mushroom, bug shell, and flower pistil dyes, colored the thread, and wove it up with a foot-treadle loom? Or did they just sew up some socks?

  4. Ron, Strawfoot Handmade is the name of the company because all the bags are hand crafted. The socks are made by Defeet in North Carolina, likely by sock robots. Nobody said the socks were handmade.

  5. Looks like Bike Rumor is censoring comments. I’m going to go over to where free thought and open discussion is allowed.

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