Rudy Project — best known for their line of premium optics — has just released their newest edition of noggin protection. It’s slick; it’s Italian; it looks fast; it’s the Airstorm. Blast past the break for details…


The helmet game has been the same for the last couple decades: make ‘em lighter, cooler, and more adjustable. Rudy Project’s new Airstorm appears to do all three. At 260g it’s remarkably light. With 16 gaping holes in the front and 4 exhaust vents out back, it looks cool (literally and figuratively). And finally, with Rudy’s award-winning RSR8 Retention System, it should be highly adjustable. The only thing we’d like to see Rudy (and all helmet makers) do is progress beyond the platitudes of “lighter/cooler/adjustable” and start developing concussion-protective helmets. Whether this means adopting established technology (such as MIPS) or created a proprietary technology (as Bell/Giro are rumored to be doing), sports medicine has developed beyond archaic helmet technology and the industry must catch up.


The 2014 Airstorm “represents the next generation of helmets from a company dedicated to Elevating Your Performance.” But cyclists know it all comes down to personal fit. So if you don’t buy the marketing hype, just go try one out; Rudy Project is offering an unprecedented 90 day trial period with a no-hassle no-questions-asked policy — full refund of your $175 it you’re not stoked.


  1. Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…I have one of your helmets (Sterling) and I’ve been waiting an age for some replacement pads for it. The original ones became unstuck at the seems. I had to stitch them back together (the bug stop one). Can you imagine that. 🙁 So I ordered some more and it’s been months. Every time I get a date from the shop I ordered from, when the date comes around I get another date. It’s been months.

  2. @Ronin…Contact Rudy directly… I’ve had very good & quick dealings with them directly…Something is not adding up with your dealer if it is taking that long.

  3. I have a Rudy helmet which I was wearing when hit by a car (over 25 mph). Landed squarely on my head and slid along a sidewalk. The helmet sustained some scrathes but reamined intact. I sustained no injury whatsoever (confirmed by CT scan). Other helmets I have had were destroyed with much less impact force. I think these helmets are fantastic. Might not be the absolute lighes,t but the idea is to protect your brain.

    • “Other helmets I have had were destroyed with much less impact force” – this good one, because took all the impact. If helmet reamined intact, all impact goes in your head….think carefully…

  4. @John: You do realize that your helmet absolutely should have cracked under direct impact like you describe. Rather that absorbing the blow, it transferred that energy to your skull. Impact survivability of a helmet is not laudable, it means the helmet not doing its job.

  5. My team has been using the Airstorm this season and they are fantastic (got mine back in December). Coming from mostly Bell helmets, I feel like they fit similar. It seemed a little shallow at first, but after an adjustment to the mesh and dropping the tightening mechanism down a few notches it fit perfect. Rudy makes a quality product.

  6. My Rudy Project helmet saved my life when I went over the handlebars in a dog-induced mass bike wreck at 22 mph. It kept my skull from splitting and I didn’t die on the side of the road. Unfortunately, I still ended up with a massive concussion. I’m looking forward to getting a helmet that will help reduce the risk of concussion. I know there is nothing that can promise “no concussions”, but I would gladly pay for a technology that reduces my risk, even partially.

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