Honey stinger new caffeinated gel

If you’re a believer in gels for your athletic performance, Honey Stinger has some new options for you – especially if it’s caffeine you crave. Starting with their organic tapioca syrup and organic honey base, the new Strawberry Kiwi and reformulated Chocolate gels offer the same electrolytes and natural flavors of their other gels, just with a little boost. Harnessing the natural power of green tea extract, each gel pack manages to carry 32mg of caffeine which should be plenty to keep you going.

Honey Stinger received a small shipment of the new gels, but they’re expected to go fast, with 24 gels retailing for $33.36 on their web store. However, more gels are on the way along with a brand new waffle flavor…

Honey Stinger ginger snap waffleExpected to be available on June 6, Honey Stinger is bringing out the new Gingersnap Waffle. That makes a total of 6 flavors for the adult waffles in addition to two for the kiddos. The Gingersnap version combines a layer of honey with ginger, cinamon, nutmeg, and molasses for another mid-ride snack that you could eat all day. A box of 16 waffles will set you back $22.24 on the Honey Stinger Store.



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