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Tired of GoPro footage all from the same boring angle? Better riding clips all have one thing in common – multiple camera angles. But traditional GoPro mounts can be tricky to move or adjust, especially on the fly. KlickFix thinks they have the answer in the CamOn! GoPro adapter which allows you to keep things interesting with on the fly adjustment. More than that, the CamOn! MiniBlocs also mount to tubes of all shapes and sizes making it easier to get the perfect shot.

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At the heart of the CamOn! system is their MiniBloc mounting posts. Using a stainless steel mounting strap, MiniBlocs can be installed on tubes of most shapes from 15-60mm in diameter. The Stainless bands are wrapped around the tube using the included rubber strips for protecting the finish, and they are bolted into place with an allen screw that cinches the band.

One the Mini Bloc is installed, the CamOn! GoPro mount simply snaps into place. Pressing the two red buttons allows for quick removal of the mount so you can move it to a different location, while the GoPro mount itself is easily rotated 360 degrees in 20 degree intervals. Not to be over looked is the wing screw that actually looks like it could be tightened with only your fingers.

klickfix gopro 3A CamOn! kit retails for 38,95€ (no word on pricing for the US) and includes the CamOn! adapter, two MiniBlocs, and the GoPro Bloc which bolts into standard GoPro adhesive mounts, plus all the necessary hardware. Additional MiniBlocs can be purchased for 7,50€ which highlights the only real downside of the mounts – once the MiniBlocs are installed, they are meant to be left in place. Fortunately, they’re well, mini.



  1. The rubber bands included should prevent scratching just fine, but i never had any problems even without any rubber when mounting my klickfix integra bag that uses the same system. The excellent surface treatment of my Thomson post probably helps too.

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