Last summer, Squirt Lube told us about a project with KMC to offer their chains pre-coated with Squirt’s wax emulsion lube. They’d come raw and ungreased from the factory, soaked in Squirt, then packaged for end use. Why avoid the factory grease? Here’s how founder Dewet Marais explains it:

The idea behind these chains is “making life easy”, combined with longer drive train life. So the feature is not that there is some Squirt lube on the chain (although that is an advantage already), but that there is no factory grease on the chain. As everybody knows, factory grease is sticky and gets dirty, and has to be removed before Squirt can be used with the best results, as Squirt has to penetrate into the small openings between the pins and plates and rollers, which is prevented by factory grease. To make matters worse, factory grease immediately starts picking up dirt, forming a tough grinding paste, causing damage to your new chain. It is a tedious, dirty and mostly unsuccessful job to clean factory grease off – now not necessary anymore. The full nickel plating also contributes to chain longevity.

We’ve reviewed Squirt Lube very positively and it remains one of my go-to products. The pic above is from Dewet’s bike after two months of only off road riding and, according to him, only two dry brush cleanings with no degreaser or other solvents.


The chains are full nickel plated inner and outer links and are available for 9-speed ($36) and 10-speed ($48) drivetrains. Eleven speed versions should be coming by July. Dewet says they’ve tested on both SRAM and Shimano groups and seen good performance, and KMC claims compatibility with all brands.



  1. Wax based? Ugh. Synthetic or GTFO. I’ll never go back to a petroleum or paraffin(wax)based lube again, when a synthetic like DuMonde or Purple Extreme gives all the advantages of both, without the oily residue of petroleum, or the waxy build up of paraffin.

  2. Weird! I use the x10sl chains I get off ebay brand new for $35 a pop. I ride them for like a week with factory grease then chuck them in a tupperware with strong de-greaser. I just shake that rinse and repeat until no more cloud or dirt appears in the liquid. I then rinse in water several times, and use rags and my compressor to dry the chain, before it goes into another clean tupperware and submerged in T9 (which you can get in 20 oz. cans from your local west marine for $15 each). This process is quick and easy.

    Not to say this squirt service is not good, it seems pretty awesome, but I’m happy with manual method and the better model chain.

  3. I just pass a new chain through a rag when new and use it with the factory grease for about 2 o 3 weeks. I have no problems with it picking up more dirt that usual. I then use T9. I might give squirt lube a try sometime. I must be good if kmc is prepping their chains with it.

  4. Squirt is the best. I have used most all of the synthetics, but Squirt keeps chain wear at bay longer, and is much cleaner than any lube I’ve used.

  5. except you can’t buy the stuff anywhere, worlds greatest product that no one sells and company has no web store, amazing

  6. Weird, I have not had very much success with Squirt. I have tired it multiple times on cleaned chains and always get the squeaks on long rides. Went back to Extreme.

  7. CRAPPY lube. sorry but its rather on the short lasting side, the wax buildup is a mission to clean iff accumulated over time. the Pro squirt guys are more than welcome to take my 500ml shop bottles off my hands. Rather give us bottled stuff of what the chain comes coated in and give us a degreaser that ACTUALLY works when they state APPLY, WAIT 10 MINS, RINSE and your chain looks brand new

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