Shimano Saint (7)When it comes to cranks, there are a lot of  great products, but very few have the same long held reputation for quality and reliability as Shimano.

With the last update to the DH oriented Saint Platform, Shimano shed some grams, and added a few new features, but can they surpass the durability and performance of previous models?

Saint Crank Weight

Saint BB WeightWhen we originally unboxed and weighed the complete Shimano Saint group, the cranks were considerably lighter than claimed in the press materials that accompanied them.

The claimed weighed is 931g, but ours tipped the scale (with a Saint 38T chainring and hardware) at 825 g. With the 93g standard English 83mm BB, the complete package was only 918g. That’s 13 g less than claimed, so you can drink at least one more beer guilt free before getting on that lift.

Shimano Saint (3)

This new crank is roughly 140g lighter than the previous generation M810 crank for the 68/73 g version, and roughly a 100g light for the 83m version with the wider axle. Both are single ring specific only.

They are hollow forged from Duraluminum,  and have an axle that Shimano claims is 250% stronger than their trail oriented cranks. Configuration options include a 34T, 36T, and 38T chaining, a 68/73mm and 83mm axle, and both DH press fit and English BB. They are also available in either 165, 170, and 175mm lengths.

Shimano Saint (1)Like the previous iterations, these cranks still utilize steel pedal inserts and axle for improved durability.Shimano Saint (6)Visually, the two tone Saint cranks and pedal look fantastic when paired together, and the subtle gold hints throughout are also a plus

Like all Shimano cranks, installation was easy, and we’ve had zero issues with long term reliability. Despite over a year of shuttle runs, lift access, and even some pedal missions, these cranks still spin smoothly, and we have no complaints in the stiffness department.

With an MSRP of $330.99, they’re not the cheapest cranks on the market, nor the lightest, but there are few products that can match their reliability and performance.

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