Ikonix FS1 Limited EdititionAfter a long hiatus from designing BMX fames, Bob Haro returned in 2012 with a new brand – Ikonix. Their first order of business was collaborating with Haro to release a special 30th Anniversary edition of the  original Freestyle, but now they’re ready to release an innovative new freestyle BMX model.

Available initially in only very limited quantities, the new FS1 is a testament to Bob’s creative vision. Constructed from Kawasaki chromoly tubing, it has several unique features, including:  a split Torker style top tube, proprietary integrated handlebar and stem combo, and more. ikonix-fs1-detail-5__28845.1399502771.1280.1280
Freestyle tricks often require the use of two brakes, but in a nod to modern trends, the front brake bosses are removable.

Ikonix FS1 HandlebarThe handlebars are a modern spin on the classic Haro Vector bars,  are 100% chromoly, and utilize the affix gyro system.ikonix-fs1-detail-2__47013.1399502771.1280.1280The FS1 will be available later this year in two different trim packages. The more affordable option costs $1,250 for the complete bike, and requires a 50% deposit.

The VIP collectors edition will retail for $2,250,and includes a series of collectible items (hat, t-shirt, design materials, etc..), and a ticket to the launch party. The website lists the value of the extra collectibles at $250.

Only 180 limited edition VIP bikes are available.

ikonix-fs1-detail-4__64719.1399502770.1280.1280 The prices may seem high for this new model, but Haro is focusing on the high end market, and not worried about replicating the success of his name sake brand. Sales of this model will help generate the economies of scale to trickle down some of the design features to more affordably priced models in the future.ikonix-fs1-cranks__18641.1399651451.1280.1280
Rather than ordering from a catalog, each of the components on the FS1 have been designed specifically for this bike. ikonix-fs1-detail-6__40443.1399502773.1280.1280And yes, those are Oakley grips!
ikonix-fs1-detail-3__62148.1399502770.1280.1280Interested? You can reserve one here.


  1. Given that the website “went live” several weeks ago, has nothing but renders to show, and 165 of the 180 bikes remain unsold it seems unlikely that this will ever happen.

  2. Lol torkers were kinda sick, esp. that one that had a split top tube like the Haro Master. I got a chrome Master for X-mas in about 1984. It had flights, white tuff 2s, all the trick stuff for the time. I sold it for $200 to my neighbor like two years later. I just saw one on ebay for like 5K, wtf?

    Anyway, cool to see Bob Haro doing new work.

  3. I love Bob Haro, but this would only appeal to old school BMX fans and it would have a very limited audience with a $2250 price tag.

  4. When people making and selling bikes can’t even spell brake correctly, I don’t have a lot of confidence. (below 7th image)

  5. I can’t think of anyone, other than maybe a middle aged guy with lots of money, who would want this bike. I used to own a bmx shop, and those kids are generally pretty low on funds. Most of them don’t even care how many spokes are missing from their wheels, and most of them have bikes that have been hacked together to work… somewhat.

  6. @Rich, that is pretty cool, I didn’t know about Affix. Thanks. I take away what I said about the competency of the 3D modeler.

  7. @wayne pretty spot on.
    “Rather than ordering from a catalog, each of the components on the FS1 have been designed specifically for this bike.”

    Yet it comes with odyssey wheels and an Affix rotor

    A top of the range Fit complete would cost considerably less and wouldn’t have the weird look of this thing.

  8. Capitalizing on nostalgia. Bought by speculators.

    I do think there’s going to be a lot of money lost as these hoarders become elderly and nobody gives a rip about old BMX bikes, any longer.

  9. What is this for flatland? Dirt? Park? or hanging on a wall. This is not a BMX bike its a piece garbage shame on Bob Haro for putting his name on this vile creation.

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