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Park Tool is continually working on developing new tools and products, and the latest crop includes 7 items developed mostly in response to industry trends. Usually hesitant to offer new tools just for a new standard, Park’s recognition usually means that standard whether it’s a bottom bracket or wheel size typically means it’s here to stay. From fat bikes to power meters, there is a new tool for all kinds of bicycles…

edb10cb1e8071c49a56e5730896823dd32bb1192_800x700Starting with mountain derailleurs, the DW-2 is a new wrench designed specifically for the 5.5 and 3mm nuts on Shimano Shadow + rear derailleur clutch assemblies. Found on XT, SLX, Deore, Saint, and Zee derailleurs, the wrench allows you to adjust the clutch tension.

Park Tool new fat bike hook bbt crows foot (7) Park Tool new fat bike hook bbt crows foot (6) Park Tool new fat bike hook bbt crows foot (2)

Speaking of things mandated by new Shimano products, Park now has three new precision machined aluminum Bottom bracket sockets for use with 3/8″ drive ratchets and torque wrenches. From left to right, the BBT-49 which fits 39mm BB cups found on XTR BB93 and Dura ACE BB9000, the BBT-59 which fits 41mm BB cups found only on Shimano Ultegra BBR60, and the BBT-69 which fits the 44mm BB standard we’ve used for years on Shimano, Campagnolo, Chris King, FSA MegaExo, Hope, SRAM/Truvativ GXP, Race Face X-type, Surly, and more.

Park Tool new fat bike hook bbt crows foot (3)

While a 15mm crows foot wrench specifically for pedals may seem a bit overkill, the adapter will allow the use of torque wrenches on more delicate pedals like the Garmin Power Pedals. Not to mention torquing high end components is always a good idea.


Park Tool new fat bike hook bbt crows foot (1)

Finally, if you’ve been struggling to find a way to store your fat bike in the garage, Park’s new Extra Large storage hooks are here to help.

Park Tool new fat bike hook bbt crows foot (4)

Sold in both machine thread and wood thread, the hooks measure 4.875″ across which is big enough for that fattest fat bikes. Each hook is plated and vinyl dipped to keep your blinged out fat bike wheels looking good.


  1. blue dipped vinyl fat bike hooks, plus smaller sizes, this is sad. all different size and shaped hooks like this have been available at hardware/home stores since forever. Plus these even don’t look like the extra beefy style. like park tool, but this..

  2. Could this be any more confusing, the BBT-49 fits 39mm BB cups on XTR BB93 and Dura ACE BB9000! One thing and four numbers. That surely does keep things simple doesn’t it. LOL

  3. KT- I’m glad I’m the only one he feels this way. Many Park tools these days are rougher than something you’d find at Walmart.

  4. As someone who used tools professionally for the last 10 years, it pains me to say it but Park Tools generally suck. Any tool with moving parts has been a big disappointment lately. Poor design, mediocre execution, and then when you try to warranty a shop tool that breaks on the 1st or 2nd use (or worse, like their cable cutters or pliers which suck right out the box) you suffer further insult by having a surly dude handling your problem on the other end.
    I tried very hard to keep my $ in American made tools but they make it very hard when some of their tools are just outright terrible. The worst one is their campy bb bearing extractor which I’ve seen broken in the 1st or 2nd use 3x until we gave up on it. Why bother warranty-ing something again and again if the replacements are still the same sh*t?

  5. their torx wrenches. every single t25 in the store was twisted around or broken off altogether. Calvin at Park, a nice enough guy, tried to tell me we were exceeding the torque capacity of the tool, to which he mentioned is 6Nm ( besides the fact that some disc rotor bolts spec 6.2Nm, that doesnt leave much room for removing a slightly corroded bolt, or accounting for a slightly poor fit because some fancy bolt has a really shallow head. AND… my Pedros wrenches dont suffer the same fate. or my Bondhus, who is supposedly making them for Park. Hell, even my Bondhus Ballstar ball-end torx bits have a higher load capacity. what gives?
    ditto on the campy bearing puller. pedal wrenches with openings larger than 15mm right out of the box, spot welded tubular handle coming off of the head cutting the mechanic’s hand wide open…

  6. Agreed. Park Tools need a facelift that starts with quality. Lately they are soft tools with hard edged surly customer service. Not what a mechanic wants in any situation.

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