We’ve heard rumors about the possible launch of a new XC race bike from Cannondale, and it looks like it has been getting some real world testing under Marco Aurelio and Manuel Fumic  for the Cannondale Factory Racing Team. Spotted at several World Cup events recently, the Cannondale Green machine prototypes offer a sneak peek at what’s to come…

f29 23

Close up shots thanks to eliflap’s blog, reveal a much shorter head tube that still looks like it uses a 1.5″ straight steerer.

f29 22

Looking at the back of the bike we see that at least on Marco Aurelio’s bike, the dropouts still use a quick release axle. It also appears that the seat tube and rear stays have more shapely curves hinting at a redesigned carbon frame.

f29 21

As expected, the bike looks to retain the use of BB30 with a Hollowgram crank. If that really is a Lefty XLR 100 as marked, from here it looks like there could be some updates in store with an axle set up that looks more along the lines of the new Lefty Supermax forks.

More when we have it.

Thanks to Joshua for the tip!




  1. JC- that’s what I saw. I’m disappointed; even if there’s some computer-measurable improvement in deflection or whatever, they were one of the only companies with calipers in a place a mechanic can easily reach. No longer. Dang. Still, as always, nice looking frame!

  2. does the shell seem wider to anyone else? not 95mm wide, but somewhere in between…
    supermax fork lower. i like that the disc hose is anchored pointing straight up instead of the 45degree angle like on current leftys. current one pretty much guarantees that the hose bows outward under compression.

  3. Hi,

    I don’t know if this is the final fork to go with the frame.
    My guess would be that they are adopting size specific steerertube length and the only forks available are the existing trigger ones.

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