Pushing for a more comprehensive system of protecting your prized ride is Skinnz and their line of component covers. Citing a foul weather drive up Mt. Ventoux that resulted in his brand new Fuji being blasted by road-grime and grit, the founder Dirk Robers explains the impetus behind his Skinnz project. Wrap your valued goods before heading into the unknown…

Skinnz_Drive_Train_Protection_Cover_2The Skinnz concept is somewhat self-explanatory, but the execution is noteworthy. Skinnz utilizes Cordura for both its drivetrain and shifter covers. The point is protection for critical components that would be vulnerable in transportation situations. Whether you are transporting your bike in the back of the team car or loading it onto your Thule rack, the goal is the same — keep things protected and clean.

Skinnz_Drive_Train_Protection_CoverSkinnz points out the added benefit of protecting your components during storage and general handling — avoid nicked and scratched frames as they inevitably come in contact with levers, pedals, and derailleurs. Prices are TBD as availability is coming soon. Keep an eye on their website for more.


  1. Seem like a great idea but the only problem I can see is that it will block either the license plate or the tail lights of the vehicle. Maybe I am wrong about this but is worth noting.

  2. The drivetrain cover looks well done and seems as it it would suit most sorts of bike transport: on the outside of the car; inside of the car (saving the interior from grease); inside a bike case; et al.

  3. Seriously?
    Keeping your drivetrain clean when driving is a little ridiculous.
    The second you start pedaling your drivetrain will accumulate a ton more grit and grime than it sitting stagnant on top of your car.

    Might as well install a fully enclosed chain case.

  4. I wouldn’t mind the drivetrain guard. I usually throw my bike in the back of the car, and the chain always seems to leave a dirt mark somewhere in the car.

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