At one end of the spectrum, fat bikes prices are climbing to new heights as carbon fiber, bigger tires, and even suspension get thrown into the mix. On the other end, more and more manufacturers are coming out with smartly equipped fat bikes that many more riders can afford – especially if they’re just testing the fat bike waters.

As one of the last companies we expected to be offering fat bikes, SE Bikes has stepped in with not one, but two fatties that look good – and that’s before you see the price…


Admittedly, SE isn’t the first company to sell fat bikes at the $899 price point, but at that price point they have managed to build a pretty sweet bike. Called the F@E (get it? Fattie?), SE jumps into fat bikes with a SE 1 Double butted alloy frame and alloy fork which is also the same frame used for the higher spec F@R (Fatter). Both frames use a 135mm symmetrical front hub with a 135mm offset rear hub and quick releases all around. Bottom brackets is the standard 100mm threaded affair, with a semi-integrated headset.


In addition to some upgraded componentry for $1299, the F@R also runs wider rims, though both bikes are equipped with a wider rim in front than in the rear (likely for chain/tire clearance for the triple). The F@E has a 93/73mm combo while the F@R bumps things up to 101/80mm front and rear with all of the rims drilled out for weight savings. Each frame has clearance for 4.0″ tires and runs either the 72tpi wire bead or 120tpi folding bead Vee Tire Co. Mission tires.

Just how do you offer fat bikes with a quality spec and hydraulic disc brakes at these prices? 9 speed triples. We’re assuming the market for 9 speed triples isn’t what it used to be, which definitely helped keep the prices down. Even with the lower spec, both bikes are still lighter than my first Pugsley at 34.4 and 35.5lbs (claimed).


Sold in S, M, and L, the F@E and F@R are available now. Check out SE’s website for full specs on the F@E and F@R




  1. These are essentially rebadged versions of the Motobecane Fantom bikes which are rebadged versions of the Diamant/Nakamura originals.

    They are great bikes overall and the price is the icing on the cake. I love my MB Fantom Pro for snow and dry trails.

  2. It brings a tear to my eye to think of what became of the S.E. name. S.E. Racing brought us some of the coolest BMX bikes of all time, the P.K. Ripper and Quadangle. S.E. Bikes, not so much.

  3. @ Rich W – i disagree with you. Todd Lyons has done alot of great things for SE. brought back some cool retro bikes, the PK and quad included. if they didn’t go with the current trends, then they would be the same place as all the other bmx companys that are now defunct.

  4. Nice bikes! I agree w/ Joe. SE Bikes has done well keeping interesting items coming. It would be cool if they made a PK Ripper fat bike, though!

  5. Im defiantly gonna get one of these ES FAT bikes when they get to the UK! I have already got an 1983 PK Ripper and have Refurbished a 1990 Racing ripper as I’m now in my late 40’s a more fitting bike i will have SE FOREVER!

  6. I bought my 2014 f@e back in June. I’ve been riding it in the mountains of MT and WY ever since. LOVE IT!!! Build qualityb of the frame is excellent. My Gary Fisher HiFi full suspension bike and full XT/XTR equipped Raleigh hard tail don’t get any love since my SE fatty showed-up! Though I’ve had a chance to check-out and ride very nice fat-bikes by Surly, Cogburn, Salsa and others… I really don’t find myself jonesing at all for any of them. Especially since I’ve upgraded the f@e’s drive train to all Shimano SLX. The bike that I find myself drooling over now is the 2015 SE f@r. 4.7″ tires and 2×10 drive train are the main reasons for that.

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