It’s already shaping up to be an impressive week when it comes to incredible riding clips, and it looks like things will get even crazier with the introduction of Danny MacAskill’s latest project. RedBull is only showing the trailer for Danny’s Epecuén, but we can already tell it will be worth the wait. Centered on the town of Epecuén, which spent 25 years under water after extreme flooding, the project starts out with one of Epecuén’s original residents pedaling through the streets with his dog. The full length video is set to be released next Tuesday, so stay tuned…


  1. That was a very anti-climactic appearance of Danny. I think he got about 2 inches of air. I was expecting him to come flying over that ruin, over the old man, and do a spin off the dog’s tail, ON THE SAME BIKE THE OLD MAN WAS RIDING!

  2. Completely trivial bike geekery: Anyone else notice the Celeste green Silca frame pump tucked behind the seat tube on that gentlemen’s bike?

  3. I like it, it’s a teaser so barely showing Danny makes sense. Way Back Home is still my favorite of his films in part because it has a sense of place to it. OTOH Imaginate was my least favorite because it was a completely made up environment. Maybe his next film will be on Hashima Island!

  4. For all the film critics out there, let me tell you Epecuén was the cruel testimony of many years of bad government here in Argentina. Seasonal floods have happened in the Pampas in the past, but in the time that town dissapeared under the Salado river there was no government plans to deal with them. It took 25 years for the town to emerge from the waters, and simply riding by Mr Novak (who would gently offer himself as a tour guide just for the sake of telling his amazing story, so closely tied to the town’s one) through the devastated landscape transports you to what seems to be another world. Keep in mind the town lived in part thanks to the lagoon it was set by. Sport fishing, swimming, camping places and hotels, all contributed to the city’s economy in a great way.

    As Chris pointed out, I think Danny picked up this location because it has a story behind it, as every stop in his journey in “Way Back Home” had.

  5. Peter R, enlightening… Thank you Luiggi for a bit of a background. I think it’s refreshing when bike videos pay some respect to a location and give us some sense about a place.

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