Mavic Cross Max Quest tire new

As Mavic’s latest WTS or Wheel Tire System, the Crossmax XL aims to bring  Mavic’s system based performance to the average trail rider. While the Crossmax Enduro WTS was aimed directly at the Enduro race crowd, Mavic views the Crossmax XL as a wheelset for a group of riders that participate in what they call enduro adventure riding – essentially riding that includes the style of enduro racing but isn’t confined to the race course.

Regardless of what the riding is called, Mavic’s Crossmax XL WTS indicates a slight shift in their engineering and design ethos thanks to the wider, redesigned rim profile. If you’ve been waiting for some wider rims from Mavic, this might be your wheelset….

20398_MAVIC_Crossmax_XL FRONT 20383_MAVIC_Crossmax_XL REAR

Mavic claims that the Crossmax XL WTS is built to be as versatile as possible – remaining comfortable and durable without compromises going up or coming down. Possibly the most interesting design feature of the wheels is that while they are geared towards all around riding, they are actually wider than the Enduro race oriented Crossmax Enduro WTS.

Boasting a 23mm internal width front and rear, the added volume is thanks to a redesigned rim extrusion that uses a V-like shape. Compare that to the 21mm internal front and 19mm internal rear measurements on the Crossmax Enduro. Supposedly the redesigned rim profile has allowed Mavic to increase the width without sacrificing weight or strength which was key to the design.  The redesigned aluminum rim also has a revised bead hook that, while still there, uses a reduced height. Combined with thicker sidewalls under the bead hook, the wheels claim 50% better impact protection in laboratory testing.

The remainder of the wheel is classic Mavic with FORE drilling, 24 straight pull Zicral spokes laced 2x front, and Isopulse rear (radial drive, 2x non drive), ISM machining, and their ITS-4 freehub body.


  • 26”: 3150g (WTS); 1660g pair – wheels, 790g front, 870g rear – tires
  • 27.5”: 3390g (WTS); 1710g pair, 815g front, 895g rear
  • 29”:3520g (WTS); 1780g pair; 850g front, 930g rear


Since this is a wheel tire system, Mavic has an equally impressive tire to go along with the Crossmax XLs called the Quest. Offered only in a 2.4″ (2.35″ for the 29er), the high volume tire might be one of the lightest UST tires we’ve seen at 780g for the 650b.

Constructed with a 50a Contact Compound rubber and 66TPI Guard+ reinforced casing, the Quest has a tread pattern with smaller evenly spaced tread blocks that make a rounded profile.


  • 26” x 2.4”: 690g
  • 27.5” x 2.4”: 780g
  • 29” x 2.35”: 810g

Sold as a Wheel Tire combo, Crossmax XL WTS will be offered in 26, 27.5″ and 29″ sets. Each wheelset will work with all axle configurations including 9mm QR, 15, and 20mm front, and 9×135, 12×135, and 12x142mm in the rear. Wheel Tire Systems will retail for $1000 with replacement Quest tires sold for $70. Available in June.


  1. for riding enduro in an adventurous manner but not racing enduro in a competitive one. if you are in marketing shoot yourself. now.

  2. Mavic makes excellent ust rims but the rear hub is shite.

    Could never buy another set unless they improve the hub.

    I couldn’t sell my crossmax 29 with a good conscious when I finally had enough.

  3. @Tim

    ALL Qr’s are 5mm. Front open QR dropouts are 9mm, rear open QR dropouts are 10mm. Why is that hard for people (and companies) to figure out?

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