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Photo submitted by Bony Suwandi, “Hi my name is Bony, I live in Surabaya – East Java Indonesia. The pict are in my office/garage. That odd-looking bike is a minitrek. A girls bike frame with 20″ wheel packed with roadbike grupset. It’s a racing bike popular here in the 90’s and I’m trying to bring back those memories.”

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  1. I think minitrek bike very local bike culture, I minitrek only exist in Surabaya surrounding areas (thats in East Java) and booming in the 90s. Its very odd loking bike. Its small but fast. the rear brake emits very loud sound, rear brake use drum brake.
    I remember at that time very popule minitrek, in addition to make the race between fellow gang minitrek on the streets, its as well as show off bike. at that time many alloy parts fitted it to makes of its rider prestige.
    minitrek base is girls bike size made in china / japan with U shape frame. taken just the frame and then mounted grupset from roadbike, 20″ racing wheel set with small tires (now it is hard to find)
    sorry i couldnt find any pict of minitrek on the net, but here a picture from facebook. Its not mine its a friends bike.

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