After making a name for himself with insane tricks for the Nitro Circus shows, Ethen Roberts is bringing his skills to dirt. The latest clip shows Ethen pulling off both a scorpion back flip and a double back flip back to back in Rampage-esque terrain. Will we see Ethen in the next RedBull Rampage? Apparently Ethen has made the jump into professional freeriding, with future contests and videos on his radar…

Until then, hit play and be amazed.


  1. Ah freeride….I was once sick of your ambiguity and overuse, but it’s nice to have a break from fatbike, aero, and 1byX drivetrains.

  2. When is this guy going to learn that those wrist bar/geriatric walker contraptions totally nullify his tricks? Actually, he does know it, seeing that 98% of the action shots are of the bike without those abominations. He probably strips those bolts on a regular basis, what with constantly installing them for the one trick and then removing them promptly after. Sorry, the air time might be cool, but if we’re going to let the trick dictate the bike then we should all be riding those fixie street bikes that those eastern European synchronized bikerobats use. (deleted).

  3. i’m with training wheel.
    You can’t but bar ends on riser bars.
    he should be running a flat bar with those.

  4. @Training Wheel, the flip levers are necessary for tricks like a scorpion, you need to push against them with your wrist in order to get your feet back on the pedals. Literally every single FMX rider ever uses them

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