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Photo submitted by Cliff Li, “This is what happens when you miss a mountain bike race and leave your mountain bike at work over the weekend.”

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  1. It IS funny, although I too would be none too pleased to see my frame sitting on such a surface.

    I hope my coworkers don’t see this and get any ideas; I rode my bike to work today for obvious reasons.

  2. You crash your carbon frame and it survives encounters with rocks. The wheels throw rocks into the frame and it survives. I think it can handle RESTING on the big scary blocks.

    Also, yes, this is pretty funny.

  3. Do you work in Philadelphia in the 1970s? My parents said this would happen to a car in one hour if you parked on the wrong street.

    That’s pretty hilarious, and as long as they didn’t drop the thing onto the blocks from 2 feet up it will be just fine.

  4. They only stole the hubcaps from the Family Truckster, not the wheels. but you don’t want to take it from me. I’m from the west side of Chicago here on vacation

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