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Photo submitted by Tony Perrie, “This is the new Devil’s Slide bike trail just south of Pacifica, California.  This used to be a section of the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1) until it was bypassed by the new Tom Lantos tunnels.  It’s too bad all Highway 1 doesn’t have bike lanes like this!”

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  1. So, what’s the other side for, pedestrians? That surely won’t keep them from walking 5-abreast with their headphones in, oblivious to anyone around them.

  2. Now that looks like a little piece of heaven right there. Great way to utilise old infrastructure. And what great views!

  3. Right, and bikers always behave like model citizens on the multiuse paths where you live? For example: warning before passing, checking over the shoulder for overtaking cyclists, slowing down when approaching children and other inexperienced users, and generally riding in a way that’s appropriate to the conditions.

  4. Having ridden the new bay bridge, I’d say bikes and pedestrians actually understand and use the 3 lane system remarkably well. When pedestrians realize they are safer in their own lane, they are more likely to stay out of the bike lanes.

  5. It’s actually easier to get to by car than bike. So, there’s more hikers than bikers there. But, when I walked it on a Saturday afternoon, there were no congestion problems really. The big problem is that the bike route from Pacifica to Half Moon Bay is TERRIBLE! And, this 1.3 mile stretch of the journey is the only section of it that is protected from traffic. Also, it’s a bit dangerous biking to Pacifica to the Devil’s Slide Trail. The shoulders along Highway 1 are fairly narrow and the road twists and turns up a hill before you reach the entrance. Even so, I’m a fan of this trail, and would like to see the entire Pacific Coast Highway be upgraded with segregated bike lanes like this.

  6. Tony is, unfortunately, correct. The road from Pacifica to Devil’s slide is treacherous. I rode Devil’s slide once back when it was open to cars and that was by far the worst part. There is pretty much no shoulder there at all. Once they can address that, though, there’s gonna be a pretty nice route from San Francisco all the way to Santa Cruz. This is exciting!

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