New POC aero helmet road

If you were paying attention, you may have spotted a new POC aero helmet on the head of Andrew Talanksy during the prologue of the Tour de Romandie. As it turns out, the new design was to be officially released at the start of the current Giro d’Italia just ahead of the first stage in Belfast.

Already offering aero helmets in the form of the Octal Aero and wild looking Tempor, POC has introduced the all new Cerebel which will sit directly between the current two options. Why so many aero helmets? According to POC’s CEO Stefan Ytterborn, the Cerebel is all about options saying,

“Introducing the Cerebel helmet is about completing our range of road helmets, each developed for a specific purpose. All our four helmets; Octal, Octal Aero, Cerebel and Tempor, are extremely fast in their category, so it is a matter of priorities, conditions, the parcours and personal riding style. What it all comes down to is saving watts and seconds”.

So from the sounds of it, the other two aero options aren’t going anywhere in order to offer riders the optimal aerodynamic advantage based on the conditions. Developed in part with the Garmin-Sharp Pro Cycling Team, the Volvo Car Group, and the WATTS Lab, the Cerebel was designed using a combination of extensive CFD and Wind Tunnel testing.

Currently being tested by team Garmin-Sharp, the Cerebel will officially be a Spring 2015 product with more information coming this fall.


  1. octal – standard road helm
    Octal Aero – aero road helm
    Cerebel – TT helmet, light tri helm
    Tempor – Tri helm

  2. They can spin it however they like but I guarantee you the reason for the new TT helmet was because NOBODY was buying that hilarious looking Tempor helmet.

  3. I’m glad to see that POC is making some better looking Aero lids, this looks good!

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  4. @Jeff

    Sorry to hear about the ads and thank you for bringing it to our attention. I’ll make sure we look into it further.

    – S

  5. I own a shop and have been trying to get Tempors for months (POC has sold through but more are coming), we had 5 and sold them out immediately, good looking or not, they’ve tested faster on our athletes than anything else they were using (tested at A2 wind tunnel , N. carolina). A2 actually keeps them in stock for athletes to test with now since they were testing so well. I guess taking the whole body (shoulders and back ) into the equation of the helmet reduces wake (lowering CDa significantly)

  6. @Psi Squared
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