X Belt Skate ToolDesigned with the skateboarder in mind, the X Belt Skatetool is a belt that allows you to carry all the tools you need to adjust your skateboard, but can also help you fix your bike in a pinch. 

X-Belt Skate Belt Tool Expanded ViewThe belt has room in the clips to stash two bits, and comes with a Ph2 and Hex3. Unfortunately, skate boards utilize ‘Merican wrenches, so the three built in wrenches are unusable on most modern bicycles.

The idea itself is pretty neat and we look forward to seeing a bike specific X belt launched at some point in the future.

The campaign currently has $2,000 pledged towards it goal of $20,000. You can back the project starting at $35 over the next 25 days here.

D-KeyD Key TOol

This UK based project is based around the simple idea that Hex Keys should be shaped like keys, because in their standard shape they’re uncomfortable to hold. The design is half the size but has double the force. It’s also more comfortable to use and it’s distinct shape will keep your friends from stealing it unknowingly.

A pledge of 8 £ will net you a D-key in your preferred size. The campaign currently has £ 905 pledged towards it’s ~£10k goal, with 24 days to go. Order yours here.


  1. Some things just do not need inventing. That D-key is possibly one of the worst ideas I have ever seen, a solution to a non existent problem. I gonna start a kickstarter page to crate a huge landfill rubbish dump site that will hold all of the crap made by dumb kickstarter pages. What a great sign of a arrogant, lazy, greedy and unnecessarily wasteful society we have become. Enough now people. Enough.

  2. The ‘tool belt’ idea makes me laugh!!!! Just ’cause who’s gonna hold up yer shorts when ye old ass is hangin’ out during a trailside repair?
    They need to have a back up like a suspender system that keeps the plumber butt from rearing its ugly head trailside. Or have a meeting with camel back to make some $45 straps that suspend the shorts from the shoulder harness.

  3. I predict skaterumor.com coming soon to a browser near you!

    No seriously… skaterumor.com is registered to Tyler.

  4. I thought the length of an Allen Key was correlated with how much torque it should handle, but then again I have used a seat post now again on the end of a key to over torque esp on BMX stems.

  5. because you know, every bolt on my bike is NOT metric.

    whoever published this, did you not think before hitting the ‘submit’ button? i dont mind that its for skateboarding (even though this is a bike site), but all of the tools are for standard hardware. c’mon dudes.

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