Something, something, 29ers can’t corner, something, something….If he wasn’t Canadian, I’d suggest nominating this man for president.

There are few mountain bikers who have inspired me as much to get off the couch and push my limits as Matt.  For those who won’t know what I’m referring too, drop past the break to watch some old video clips…

Rio Escondido is on my bucket list of trails to ride before I put up my full face for good.

3 minutes and 30 seconds into his segment in Follow Me, Matt demonstrates what a wall ride looks like.

Hey Zach, does this count as Fat Biking?


  1. hunter is a sick rider. that being said, wheel size is irrelevant when you’re cornering on a near vertical berm. see: velodrome.

  2. Whoa. That is rad.
    @Cpt Derp- your comment is barely worth even mentioning, but since it’s barely… riding in a velodrome has next to zero to do with what Hunter is doing here. The entry and exit of this amazing bar drag are light years ahead of any bike handling needed on a velodrome. I’ve ridden extensively in velodromes, and while fast and fun, it’s a far, far different ball game.

  3. @Bruce – my comment was in regards that the BR article seems to use this clip to refute the “29’ers can’t corner” notion.

    look at the angle of incidence between the wheels and the trail surface he’s actually riding. it’s nearly perpendicular. when you embank a turn, the goal is to maintain this perpendicular orientation to prevent a bike from washing out. you’re not engaging the cornering knobs of the tires, you’re still predominantly using the center treads – this holds true for bmx, xc, trail, dh, and even track riding.

    the standard argument i’ve heard of “29’ers can’t corner” is to the effect that 29’ers break loose (lose cornering knob traction) and wash out at less of an angle than bikes with smaller wheels. ie you can lean a 26″ wheeled bike over farther before washing out when compared to a 29’er.

    and as much as i love bar drag videos, bmx riders have been doing it for years. and on flat ground.

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