Detroit Cargo Equipped Fixed GearDesigned and hand built by two partners and long time craftsman, Detroit Cargo specialized in creating well crafted bicycle accessories. The products are reasonably priced for high end hand crafted pieces and are backed by a 10 year workmanship warranty. The products are designed to have as small of a carbon print as possible and each is available in either a synthetic (i.e. vegan) material or leather.

While they have a full range of beautiful goods that are showcased on the bicycle pictured above, they also take pride in reusing unique materials that are locally sourced. An example would be their most affordable, a card holder.Detroit Cargo Card Holder Fire HydrandThe card holder is built using fire hoses salvaged from dilapidated and abandoned buildings in Detroit. They haven’t been up to code standards since at least the 60s and the have only a limited amount of hose available. Detroit Cargo collects the hoses, cleans them, and sews a leather strip to the bottom, and stitches up the top. The mini fire hose wallet retails for only $20.00.Griswold Frame Bag Colors Detroit CargoThere best selling product is the Griswold Bicycle Frame Bag. In addition to being posh enough to be mistaken for an executives briefcase, it also fastens easily to most bicycle frames. The bags also have a heavy duty cotton shoulder strap, antique brass hardware, and retail for $219.00.

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