DZR TerraWhile there are many manufacturers who produce excellent performance oriented shoes for road and mountain biking applications, far fewer have been able to match San Francisco based company DZR’s ability to create fashion forward shoes.

For the past few years the company has been largely focused on producing high quality shoes that look rad for the commuter market, but they’ve finally turned their attention to the dirt bag crowd. Last year at Interbike, they launched their first MTB specific SPD and flat pedal models.

For this year, the model line continues to grow with all new color options. The image above showcases a few new colors, but head to their website here, to check out all the latest goods.


  1. As an XC rider on flats pushing 40, I don’t want “rad” shoes. 5.10, DZR, even Teva are too “rad” for my tastes. Does anybody offer MTB flat specific shoes that look more like hiking/biking and less skate/rad?

  2. @Ryan What exactly are you looking for? Chucks with SPDs? But seriously, a couple of the DZR’s aren’t bad looking. I’ll give it awhile for the reviews to start coming in.

  3. I have three different pair of DZR shoes. They are amazing! The look great, perform really well, hold up great, and don’t look like cheezy mountain bike shoes. I can get around town without looking silly. I’d highly recommend them!

  4. Wow Ryan, while I sort of understand your point, I still want stylish shoes for the touring type riding I do, however please note I want performance too. SPD shoes are typically the ugliest shoes made. I’m very excited about these

    I am 50+ and am going to be picking up a pair for both myself and my guy.

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