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As a way to celebrate the fact that Wheels Manufacturing is now carrying both Sapim and Wheelsmith spokes, they wanted to provide a special offer to Bikerumor readers. Now directly available from their website, you can order as little as one spoke with no minimum order. That includes a large selection of spokes from Sapim and Wheelsmith in stock and custom cut lengths. If you’re looking to build a set of wheels, or replace a rim or two, jump past the break for details on how you can pick up some new rims for $14 each…


Starting today and running until May 5, if you purchase a minimum of 40 spokes you can get any of the in-stock rims for just $14. Rims are limited to 700c sizes, but considering there are some tubular rims in there, this could be a great opportunity to build a pit wheelset for the upcoming cross season…

Use the code Wheels2014 when checking out, and happy wheel building!




  1. KinLin? Who cares? I wouldn’t take the time to build a wheel with Sapim or Wheelsmith spokes onto these junk rims. Alex aren’t much better. They’re the rim used on many machine built cheap replacement wheels that hang from shop ceilings. Not worth hand building with.

  2. I handbuilt a set of wheels with Kinlin XR300 rims and Sapim CX Ray spokes 5-6 years ago and have had absolutely no issues with them. They’ve been a good product for me.

  3. What is with these manufacturers selling direct and screwing the LBS? Not to mention the distributors that stock their products only to sit on their shelves.

  4. …but they’re not carrying Sapim D-Light? I guess disc brakes just aren’t popular enough yet for anybody in the US to offer the best, specifically-designed-for-disc spoke.

    And Wheelsmith, I really wish they would fix the forming issues with their AE15 ovalized aero spokes, because the rough surface finish and also rough folded edges on all the ones I’ve come across are truly horrendous. I have some from back when they were still made in Japan and Asahi branded and they’re the complete opposite, absolutely beautiful. If they could just get the quality back up, they’d steal a Ton of customers away from Sapim’s CX Ray.

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