TRP Dash Sport Quaddium SL two piece rotor (2)

While many mountain bike brakes are getting extremely expensive, not all of the new developments are priced out of reach. In TRP’s case the company was showing their new Dash Sport which slots in under the Dash and Dash Carbon. Compared to the Dash, the Dash Sport uses a cast body with a forged lever blade for the radial mount brake lever. Priced at just $160 per wheel, the brake retains the tool free lever adjust and consistent performance of the other Dash models.

More on the Dash Sport plus TRP’s new two piece rotor next…

TRP Dash Sport Quaddium SL two piece rotor (4) TRP Dash Sport Quaddium SL two piece rotor (3)

To keep cost down, the Sport uses the same two piece dual piston brake caliper as the Tektro Orion and Auriga Pro. The brake lever includes a split, hinged handlebar clamp and the brake weighs in at 197g per brake (no mounting hardware) and 113g for the 160mm rotor.

TRP Dash Sport Quaddium SL two piece rotor (1)

Shows with their Quadiem SL brake was TRP’s new two piece brake rotor. Called the TR-14, the rotor uses an aluminum carrier and has a claimed weight of 158g for the 180mm size. TR-14 Rotors will be included with all Quadeim SL brake and available separately.


  1. The TRP’s look pretty nice, even for a “Sport-Level” brake, but if you need discs really cheap but still reliable, Shimano’s M395/396 brakes MRSP@$56 per wheel (no rotor, no adapter)

  2. You can find Shimano M615 for well under $100 per wheel, with rotors and everyting. And it is as good a brake as any – better than previous generation XT (using previous gen pads that are available everywhere). This TRP does not look bad, but why bother when there is a proven, cheaper system.

  3. Agree, this notion that $160 per wheel is ‘cheap’ just shows how the MTB market is now dominated by the Sunday fair weather middle aged men rider with bucks to burn – look at the price of supposed ‘entry level’ bikes – 16yr old kids getting into the game can’t afford these prices. Not a great fan of Shimanos McD’ type global dominance but they still do cheap good quality products. Rant over.

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