Way back in the spring of 2012, Geoff Kabush’s Scott Spark revealed the first look at the Shimano/Fox electronic integration, using a Di2 battery to power the iCD lockouts for both fork and shock. At that time, it was pure prototype. Things got official the following April with Fox’s formal introduction, which was preceded by a second look at Kabush’s bike.

Now, the 3Rox team continues to tweak their electronic lockout set up with the new internal Shimano “seatpost” battery. Except they didn’t stick it in the seatpost…


On the original set up, they used Shimano’s water bottle mount battery mount to place the power source just in front of the bottom bracket.


Now, according to team mechanics, it’s stuffed into the top tube through the head tube openings. The battery’s wrapped in bubble wrap, which is zip tied around it with the tie ends left intact to act as additional “springs” to help keep it in place. They said you can only do this with the carbon frames since their head tubes are usually comolded with the top and down tubes and have the requisite large openings leading into those tubes.


It certainly makes for a much cleaner install, protects the battery and likely saves a few grams. The nice thing about this hack is anyone can do it to just about any carbon frame, regardless of seatpost or seat tube compatibility.


It’s all controlled by the very elegant iCD switch next to the grip. No doubt it’ll also be a great way to power any future Di2 mountain bike groups, which the Internet says is coming.

Like this hack? Check out this one from Alex’s Bicycle Pro Shop.


  1. How can Fox design an awesome, clean remote like this for their suspension, and also that two-stacked-tablespoons abomination lever for their dropper post?

  2. that makes a good point, when shimano finally gives us DI2 XTR we cant use the seatpost battery if we have a dropper post in, and will need a workaround

  3. @Mirwin – Well yes, but the silverware drawer was the only solution? I don’t buy that. It has been pretty much universally panned, and if you’ve seen one in person, it is no less ridiculous looking.

  4. I’ll agree that the fox cable remote is ugly, but: I love the dedicated levers for each position. let’s me make the change without thinking about it. But if it really bothers you, lots of people have been removing the ratchet from front shifters and using those instead.

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