Yakima carbonite sky box sup hup (2)

Typically, bike people are active people, and active people need to transport all types of gear. Hopping on the latest trend of Stand Up Paddle boarding, Yakima is offering a new way to carry those monstrous SUP boards you have sitting in your basement or garage (I’m looking at you Tyler…).

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Yakima carbonite sky box sup hup (4) Yakima carbonite sky box sup hup (3)

Paddleboards aren’t particularly heavy, but they are rather large and cumbersome. The SUPPup can carry multiple boards up to 34″ wide and mounts easily on any cross bars with plenty of room for a bike or other rooftop gear. The rack has built in strap management and uses an additional strap to tie down the front of the boards.

Available on May 1st, the SUPPup will retail for $159.

Yakima carbonite sky box sup hup (5)

Yakima carbonite sky box sup hup (1)

Yakima also updated their Skybox with a new finish called Carbonite. The Carbonite finish is sort of a gloss gunmetal grey with a dimpled surface – you know, for aerodynamics. Or looks. Replacing the original Skybox, the Skybox Carbonite is made in the US out of 80% recycled materials and is offered in a number of sizes. The largest probably would be big enough to hold Han Solo, though thanks to the easy-to-operate SuperLatch, Princess Leia would have him out in a jiffy.

Available now, the Skybox Carbonite carries the same retail price as previous Skyboxes in 5 sizes – 12 ($419), 16 ($479), 18 ($519), 21 ($589) and Lo ($519).



  1. Once again Yakima copies Thule. Setting as though you guys only like to review Crapima products, all of you should know that Thule introduced the SUP Taxi last year that is also locking and has universal mounts. Another copy of Thule products is this “carbonite” finish. Thule already had this matte black dimpled finish on their Force cargo box. Maybe someday Yakima will actually develop their own products and stop copying all of Thule’s designs and ideas.

  2. Adam is mad that Yakima “copied” off of Thule because their box is a similar black color. Oh please! What a stupid comment.

    I agree with ADDZ. After trying the Thule and Yakima carriers, I think the Yakima carrier is much better.

  3. You want the coolest sup rack get a Seasucker. On vehicle in a matter of seconds and back off again to get good gas mileage with only one rack needed for every vehicle in your family.

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