sigma rox10 GPS cycling computer stem and handlebar mount upgrade offer

Got one of the long awaited new Sigma ROX 10.0 GPS cycling computers? If so and you routinely log into Data Center to upload your rides, you’ve probably already been alerted that they’re providing an upgraded stem/handlebar mount for free. That’s how we found out, thanks to a little pop up in the program, so we checked in for the story.

Word is, the new mount is basically the same size (height, width) but changed up the inside a little to improve toughness and retention if things got really, really rough. Honestly, we thought the “click” feel of the original was plenty sturdy, we’re more concerned about the rubber straps that hold the mount to the stem or bar, but it’s nice to see a company continually working on the small things. Especially when they provide those little improvements for free! Want one? Have your ROX 10.0 handy to get the serial number and click here. The offer is only for 10.0 units, ROX’s with smaller numbers are good with the original mount.

To address our concern about the straps and answer the call of probably everyone that owns it, they say their out-front style mount should be shipping to them within a week and available for all of us shortly thereafter. We’ll post again when that time comes.

What do you think?