Regardless of what you think of fixed gear free style riding, this video is pretty rad. It’s like Josh Boothby is riding in the video games of our youth. The video comes in advance of the Red Bull Ride+ Style event on May 10th. The event takes place at Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco Saturday the 10th, and highlights sport and art with noted street artist painting the course and ramps. Check out for more.


  1. Marble Madness, the first computer game I ever bought. I think it was ’84 or ’85. Oh the memories…I can still see the 5.25″ floppy disc and packaging in my head.

  2. Just imagine if video games were edited after you played the level so the tokens would happen to be on the route you took and the boss never hit you.

  3. meh. would’ve been cooler if ALL the ramps and walks were real, not just paint on a floor with a few real ramps.

  4. Fixed gear freestyle…arrrgh. Why did the hipsters have to tarnish BMX too? why not just stick to road bikes?

  5. @anonymous

    Are you saying they should have had _real_ floating rings that disappeared when hit as well as a real floating bad guy to swarm around and try to knock this guy off the quarter pipe?

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