Borealis fat bike echo back flip (3)

Even with an army of test bikes, the Borealis Echo was a tough bike to track down at the Sea Otter Classic. When it wasn’t being back flipped by Gregory Robinson-Krunrod, or given to trials exhibition riders, Echos could be spotted tearing around the venue by a number of fat bike suspension curious folk.

In spite of it’s popularity, we managed to track one down to get it on the scale…

Borealis fat bike echo back flip (2) Borealis fat bike echo back flip (1)

Anyone worried about the durability or versatility of the Echo needn’t worry. These bikes were absolutely hammered at the SOC and were no worse for the wear at the end of the show. We can’t guarantee that many will be back flipped or spun, but it is possible…

Borealis Echo RockShox Bluto weight (2)

Borealis Echo RockShox Bluto weight (1)

This medium framed Echo tipped the scale at an impressive 27.07 lbs or 12.28kg. That weight is for a SRAM X01 build with X9 aluminum crank and WTC direct mount chainring, Borealis Carbondale rims running Surly Bud and Lou 4.8″ tires set up tubeless, and a modest aluminum cockpit with an Ergon SME3 saddle. Certainly not a cheap build by any means, but also not the top of the line. Pretty impressive for a bike with nearly 5″ wide tires and a suspension fork.

Stay tuned for our first impressions of the Echo and the Bluto soon!



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