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Chances are good that if you are a fan of wide bars, you know of at least one trail where your preferred width might be an issue. Whether that means fitting between trees, rocks, or riding a narrow ledge, sometimes your bars are just too wide for conditions.

Instead of having multiple bars that require switching out parts, ODI has a simple solution – Wingtips. While their Wingtips have been out for a few years, ODI has updated the design resulting in a bar that is 20g lighter, but still just as strong.

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ODI Wingtip bars lighter (3)

Just how do you go about making bars that can be extended on a whim? You use a threaded plug system like the ODI Wingtip Dynamic Bar Length System. Extensions are available in 12.5 and 18mm meaning you get 25 or 36mm of extra width to the already 750mm bars. So that makes for 750, 775, and 786mm widths all in one bar. ODI claims their system is just as strong as a regular handle bar since the width is added right at the tip.

ODI Wingtip bars lighter (2)

Constructed from 7075 T6 aluminum, the Flight Control Series bars and extensions are built to be 20g lighter than their predecessors while still just as strong. The 31.8mm bars which retail for $69.99 have a 25mm rise, 5×9 degree sweep and are offered in 5 colors. Wingtips are available separately for $12.95 for each pair. Available now.



  1. Yeah, not in any way “on the fly” adjustability.

    To adjust the width, a user is looking at removing/reinstalling grips and also moving controls inboard or outboard, right?

  2. Keep in mind changing the length of your bars with this system would involve 5 min with a couple of hex wrenches as long as you’re using ODI lock on grips. I mean, what grips do you expect ODI wants you to install on these bars?

    Easier than installing a different bar.

  3. How about a sheath at each end of the bar, with grips/controls mounted to it, that slides out of the end of a narrower bar – like a dropper post, but sideways? That way you can have up to 5″ of adjustment at each side (10″ total) and it’s adjustable on the fly – with another remote lever? Wow! Imagine that. And tyres that inflate from 26″ to 27.5″ on the fly for when you need bigger wheels! I love technology!

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